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Jett Lawrence on his first Supercross podium and the Forkner situation

Jett Lawrence on his first Supercross podium and the Forkner situation
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It was only Jett Lawrence’s fifth Supercross race but he got on the podium at SLC5 – his first career Supercross podium and he made it hard work for himself with a bad start coming from outside the top ten. There’s no doubt if Lawrence can stay fit and keep improving he should be a regular on the podium and even be a title threat in 2021.

“I got a terrible start. Dylan just got the jump on me but I had a pretty good find. I was pretty pumped with the whoops and out of the turn, I was happy with it and it came into my favour because I done a lot of my passes through there. I really jelled with the track. It took me a while to pass my Brother, because it’s my Brother, I didn’t want to pass him dirty but it’s cool to see another Lawrence out there, that’s for sure but it was a struggle to get around him. I didn’t even know I came from outside the top ten to third, I thought I was maybe in the top ten but it feels good to get this (podium). I feel like I earned it coming from outside the top ten”, Lawrence stated at the press conference.

The 16 year old got quite emotional at the end of the race because of the journey he’s been through. The whole family sold everything they had in Australia to move to Europe – they risked everything and now both Lawrence brothers are with one of the best teams in the American paddock.

“It’s been a rough path to get to were we are now so I got a little emotional when I crossed the line. All the hard times we had in Europe was going through my head and eating too many noddles in Australia to just try and survive really. It feels good to finally be here with such a great team. Geico Honda is more like a family to us, they treat us so good. They’re all so good to us”, added Lawrence.

Jett was also on the Gypsy Tales show and spoke about what went on between his brother and Forkner at SLC4.

“Hunter and Austin were both on hot laps. It wasn’t like he was on Hunter the whole lap and he was holding him up at all, Hunter made a little mistake just before the finish line and he got on his back wheel. It might have cost him a tenth. He goes over the finish line and does his head thing then cuts Hunter off. You know Hunter, he’s not going to take no crap. He’s more gnarly than me, I’d just go and prove it in a race or something but he’ll go and fight the dude, he’s more badass than me. But it’s good, everyone is loving it. He thinks he can get away with it but welcome to Australia mate. When you play with lightening you get the thunder from down under someone said to me (laughs)”, Lawrence stated.


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