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Jed Beaton on his sacrifices and hard work

Jed Beaton on his sacrifices and hard work
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Young Aussie, Jed Beaton has been in the GP paddock the past four years now and despite not having the best results in the EMX250 championship, he’s unlocked all of his potential in the MX2 World Championship by showing some great pace – when he hasn’t been out injured.

Beaton grew up in Tasmania and didn’t have an easy start to life, he didn’t even have electricity or a toilet that flished in his house. Now a days a lot of people seem to think that without money you won’t make it in the Motocross world but guys like Beaton, Gajser and Carioli to name a few show that talent will get you there in the end if you put in the hard work required.

“It’s been a long journey so far but it’s been unreal, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Growing up in Tasmania a place a lot of people don’t even know, I am very grateful for that. I grew up with no electricity in the house, so no power. We just a had generator that my dad used to start at at 6:30-7pm every night, we had no flushing toilet and had to heat our water up by running it through a pipe that went behind our oven that was only going by lighting it and filling with wood,  it was a lot of effort to just make warm water for a shower but my dad always did it for us. Quite a different way to grow up compared to others but like I said before I wouldn’t have it any other way and I’m grateful for it, it’s taught me a lot in life and I’m sure if I didn’t grow up like that, the tough times I’ve had in Europe the first few years I would have packed up and went home, but I just kept chasing what I always set out and dreamed. It’s worked out well because now I am on one of the best teams in the MX2 paddock and I know for sure I didn’t get anything handed to me I worked my ass off and sacrificed a lot to get to this position and I will keep pushing myself to the best of my ability until I get what I have always dreamed of”, Beaton told

The opening two rounds of the MX2 World Championship went really well for Beaton as he sits third in the world championship standings. Despite not standing on the podium yet he’s been consistency at the front.

“2020 obviously has started off great for me, with four consistent motos, 2 of the moto’s I made silly mistakes which also cost me a bit but overall I’m happy with how it started. The plan was to eliminate those mistakes and aim for a better overall finish but that got put on hold real quick with the virus, something really funny about that.  I haven’t changed anything at all leading up to this year, I put in a solid off season again and had a really good winter practicing at Redsand and the deep sand, the only thing was different is that I didn’t have time off the bike or have to rest. So, coming into this year was the same like 2018, I know that I have prepared and there is no doubt I was just going out there to build on whatever result I archived and I’m very comfortable with the Factory Husqvarna”, added Beaton.

When we get back to racing, if Beaton can continue to show the same speed and consistency there’s no reason why he can’t finish in the top five of the world championship at least. 2021 could be a big year for Beaton with Thomas Kjer Olsen will be moving up to MXGP, Beaton might be the main Husqvarna rider in MX2.

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