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Jasikonis on his start of the season and the new IceOne Husqvarna race truck

Jasikonis on his start of the season and the new IceOne Husqvarna race truck
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This week Paul Malin and Lisa Leyland caught up with IceOne Factory Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider, Arminas Jasikonis who got his MXGP season off to a great start getting on the podium at Valkenswaard.

On his start of the season..  

To be honest, it felt like the season didn’t even start. The first two GP’s are really the start, it has to be the third or fourth GP before you feel you’ve actually started. It felt like the real GP season hadn’t even started. We have some good memories but it stopped quite quick. That podium was really good for me and I was ready to continue to show the good speed and results but then suddenly it all happened. I’m the same or even more motivated to continue that and come back to a new season strongly – we need to surprise some more races.

On round two at Valkenswaard when Jasikonis won the qualifying race and got on the podium..

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During Valkenswaard, I was always towards the top of the list, okay the first free practice I was maybe not there but the rest of the weekend we were there – second, third and in the moto’s good. I was really pleased with that (winning the qualifying race). It was a big boost for me, making good timed practice is one thing but doing it in the races is different and it was a really big boost going into Sunday to battle with the best guys in the qualifying race like Jeffrey, I felt ready to do the same the next day. Actually, that qualifying race was really something special because of the change of the leaders. In the middle of the race I was P5 and then suddenly I’m P2 and then battling for first place. It was a crazy race but a really interesting race and for me it was really fun.

I was really happy. Actually it was the same story as Portugal, qualifying win and then two times third so it was the same story. I had the same feeling, it was very special to repeat it because it’d have been such a long time and I’ve been working for it. Towards the end of the moto, I tried not to think about the podium but it was playing so bad in my head so I wasn’t so pleased with my riding, it wasn’t that good but I still made P3. When I think now in bed during the evening, I think could have battled them (Herlings and Gajser) because I felt so strong but it was playing in my head a little which made it more difficult.

On the new IceOne Husqvarna race truck.. 

The truck for sure is the next level. For mechanics it’s the best thing it can be. From my side and what I see, I don’t know because it’s not been tested that much, just the two GP’s. But there looks to be so many plus points. Antti (Pyrhönen) has been so smart to do that and I think it’s really going to help our team, mechanics and to be even more professional as well as easier work. It’s such a simple idea and a simple thing to do.  He was the first one to make it and it’s a crazy good thing because you come to the track and it takes one hour to set it up. Others will have to work for a complete day let’s say on Thursday and we could even come on Thursday evening.

Pic: Nigel McKinstry

On being tall and what it was like when he was younger.. 

Actually, on the 85cc at one moment, I was really small and I couldn’t even tough the ground but then I got bigger and bigger. To ride being tall, actually I feel really good with the bike. I feel the way it works and feel comfortable on it so it’s not an issue. Others think it might be better if I was smaller but I use my height to help with my riding.

You can watch the full studio show below:

Main pic: Husqvarna



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