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Jago Geerts fast in Belgium – Vaessen wins!

Jago Geerts fast in Belgium – Vaessen wins!
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During a Belgian national race at Lommel, Jago Geerts was extremely impressive on his Sahkar 125 KTM. Jago went 4-5 in the moto’s and beat some top GP and European riders! Over the course of the day he beat Josiah Natzke, Max Engelen, Freek Van Der Vlist and Iker Larranaga. All those riders are highly rated for the future and it was a stunning performance from Jago to beat them on his 125! Jago is preparing for another season in EMX125 and is favourite for the title heading into the season – he will take some stopping!

Bas Vaessen was able to win the overall as he went 2-1, Genot also impressed losing out on the overall because he wasn’t able to win the second moto.

The results are posted below:

Moto One: 

  1. Cyril Genot
  2. Bas Vaessen
  3. Josiah Natzke
  4. Jago Geerts
  5. Max Engelen
  6. Freek Van Der Vlist
  7. Iker Larranaga
  8. Stefan Ekerold
  9. Cedric Grobben
  10. Mark Boot

Moto Two: 

  1. Bas Vaessen
  2. Cyril Genot
  3. Freek Van Der Vlist
  4. Stefan Ekerold
  5. Jago Geerts
  6. Josiah Natzke
  7. Iker Larranaga
  8. Max Engelen
  9. Cedric Grobben
  10. Mark Boot

Pic: J-RO Media

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