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Italian Championship: Third Round Results

Italian Championship: Third Round Results
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In the MX2 moto, when the gate dropped it was Dutch rider, Brian Bogers who got the hole-shot from Joakin Furbetta. The men on the move were Damon Graulus and Michele Cervellin, they started in fourteenth and ninth respectably. It didn’t take Michele long to make his move on the front runners and he won the moto – a very impressive ride. Damon worked himself into the top five but then made a mistake with a couple of laps to go which meant he ended up in eleventh position. Calvin Vlaanderen and Henry Jacobi made moves on Brian Bogers to end up on the box. Irish rider, Martin Barr had a great ride in sixth position!

In the MX1 race it was Max Nagl with the hole shot from Van Horebeek, Coldenhoff, Gajser and Bobryshev. It didn’t take long for JVH to make the move on the lead as he made his way to the front on the second lap, he didn’t look back and comfortably won the moto – he keeps gaining confidence for Qatar. Bobryshev had a good race coming from fifth and ended up in a strong second position. British Championship riders, Graeme Irwin and Tanel Leok started in sixth and seventh, they had a good battle the first half of the moto. Tanel was able to make the move and also capitalized on mistakes from Coldenhoff and Gajser to end up a fantastic fourth. Irwin had a brilliant ride to finish in seventh position and beating a host of GP riders including Guillod, Philippaerts and Butron.

Bobryshev was the one to take the lead in the superfinal ahead of JVH. All moto long both them had a great battle and put everything on the line! It was tricky with all the back markers, the pace was so high at the front they lapped up to 8th position! Bobryshev rode well under pressure and held onto the win and is the 2016 Italian Champion. Graeme Irwin rode brilliant under tough conditions to end up eighth and was the last rider not to get lapped. Samuele Berardini was the first 250cc machine across the line in eleventh ahead of Kevin Wouts. Martin Barr ended up in 20th position but was the ninth placed best 250cc machine in what was a solid day for the Buildbase Honda rider.

MX2 Moto:

  1. Michele Cervellin
  2. Calvin Vlaanderen
  3. Henry Jacobi
  4. Brian Bogers
  5. Simone Zecchina
  6. Martin Barr
  7. Kevin Wouts
  8. Joakin Furbetta
  9. Samuele Bernardini
  10. Nicholas Adams

MX1 moto:

  1. Jeremy Van Horebeek
  2. Evgeny Bobryshev
  3. Max Nagl
  4. Tanel Leok
  5. Glenn Coldenhoff
  6. Tim Gajser
  7. Graeme Irwin
  8. Valentin Guillod
  9. David Philippaerts
  10. Peter Irt


  1. Evgeny Bobryshev
  2. Jeremy Van Horebeek
  3. Max Nagl
  4. Tim Gajser
  5. Glenn Coldenhoff
  6. Tanel Leok
  7. Valentin Guillod
  8. Graeme Irwin
  9. David Philippaerts
  10. Jose Butron

Article: Andy McKinstry

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