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Italian Championship: Round One!

Italian Championship: Round One!
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Jeffrey Herlings was unsurprisingly the man of the show in MX2. He took the holeshot from Covington and led from start to finish. He ended up lapping Covington who ended up in sixth place. A remarkable ride from the Dutchman, you have to question why he didn’t move up to the MXGP class with speed like that! Max Anstie hit the gate at the start and did well to get back to third.

MX2 Moto

  1. Jeffrey Herlings
  2. Michele Cervellin
  3. Max Anstie
  4. Karel Kutsar
  5. Alvin Ostlund
  6. Thomas Covington
  7. Conrad Mewse
  8. Martin Barr
  9. Alfie Smith
  10. Davide Bonini

Glenn Coldenhoff got the holeshot from Gautier Paulin the first MXGP moto, however, an aggressive Tim Gajser passed them both in the first to corners to take the lead. Gajser controlled the race from Coldenhoff for the first ten minutes before Romain Febvre made his move. Febvre started the race in sixth but after Bobryshev and Paulin crashed in front of him he made his move and went into the lead. Febvre looks like a proper sand rider which will be worrying for his competitors as his main strength is hard pack! Gajser, JVH and Bobby were locked in a great battle for second. JVH was able to take the position from Bobby after Gajser suffered an electrical problem with his bike so he ended up in fifteenth but showed some impressive speed!

MXGP Moto One

  1. Romain Febvre
  2. Jeremy Van Horebeek
  3. Evgeny Bobryshev
  4. Max Nagl
  5. Gautier Paulin
  6. Tanel Leok
  7. Glenn Coldenhoff
  8. Davide Guarneri
  9. David Philippaerts
  10. Jose Butron

In the superfinal it was Jose Butron who got the holeshot. It didn’t take Bobby and Febvre too long to get past the Spaniard, the rest of the moto was all about those two as they had an epic battle! Febvre tried everything to get around the big Russian but he held strong. Febvre then crashed and was seven seconds behind him with four laps to go. However, Febvre put the hammer down and was all over him on the last lap, he almost made a move around the last corner but Bobby held on for the win!

Jeremy Van Horebeek rode solid for a third place finish but thirty-four seconds behind Bobby! Jeffrey Herlings started in eleventh and ended up in fourth which was a good ride. Max Anstie was the second 250cc machine back in thirteenth. Italian, Michele Cervellin(16th) beat Irish rider Martin Barr(17th) to cross the line as the third 250cc machine. A shout out to Graeme Irwin who ended up in an impressive twelfth place finish!


  1. Evgeny Bobryshev
  2. Romain Febvre
  3. Jeremy Van Horebeek
  4. Jeffrey Herlings
  5. Jose Butron
  6. Tim Gajser
  7. Davide Guarneri
  8. David Philippearts
  9. Max Nagl
  10. Valentin Guillod

Article: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Nigel McKinstry


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