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Italian Championship RD2: Results

Italian Championship RD2: Results
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Jorge Prado didn’t have the best gate pick but he still managed to grab the holeshot! Julien Lieber who is making his return to racing in well over a year was all over the Spaniard with Cervellin, Bernardini and Bogers right there.

Lieber made the move on Prado with Cervellin following through but he didn’t have enough time to make to move for the lead. It was an impressive race from Lieber who admitted he got tired and suffered from arm pump but he still grabbed the win! There was a first corner collision that some top guys were involved in, one of them being Paturel but he rode well to come back to sixth.

MX2 Moto:

  1. Julien Lieber
  2. Michele Cervellin
  3. Jorge Prado
  4. Brian Bogers
  5. Petar Petrov
  6. Benoit Paturel
  7. Alvin Ostlund
  8. Simone Furlotti
  9. Karlis Sabulis
  10. Iker Larranaga
  11. Samuele Bernardini
  12. Albero Forato
  13. Stephen Rubini
  14. Nicholas Lapucci
  15. Ruben Fernandez
  16. Karel Kutsar
  17. Brent Van Doninck
  18. Guiseppe Tropepe
  19. Filippo Zonta
  20. Caleb Ward

Romain Febvre grabbed the holeshot in the MX1 moto but by the end of the first lap Cairoli had already found his way past the Factory Yamaha Rider. It didn’t take long for Van Horebeek to make a move either as Febvre is still feeling the effects from last weeks crash. Carioli and Van Horebeek pulled away from the rest of the pack and the Belgian kept Cairoli honest. Current MXGP World Champion, Tim Gajser ended up in third spot.

MX1 moto:

  1. Antonio Cairoli
  2. Jeremy Van Horebeek
  3. Tim Gajser
  4. Romain Febvre
  5. Evgeny Bobryshev
  6. Glenn Coldenhoff
  7. Alessandro Lupino
  8. Tanel Leok
  9. Jose Butron
  10. David Philippaerts
  11. Rui Goncalves
  12. Riccardo Righi
  13. Stefano Pezzuto
  14. Jonathan Bengtsson
  15. Klemen Gercar
  16. Ken De Dycker
  17. Ryan Houghton
  18. Volodymyr Tarasov
  19. Manuel Beconcini
  20. Felice Compagnone

When the gate dropped for the super final it was Cairoli who grabbed the lead on the first lap but then he crashed dropping him down to fifth. Glenn Coldenhoff all of a sudden found himself at the front with Gajser, Van Horebeek, Febvre and Cairoli lurking in behind. It was a brilliant battle between the five of them with Cairoli the man on the move.

It didn’t take Cairoli too long to get in front of the Factory Yam’s but then Gajser hit the front! Once Gajser passed Coldenhoff for the lead, Cairoli got straight into second and then with just a few minutes to go made the move on Gajser. A wonderful ride from Cairoli and what a statement towards his rivals. Gajser then made a mistake that dropped him back to fifth on the last lap.

Benoit Paturel crossed the line in eighth but was the first MX2 rider across the line from Michele Cervellin and Brent Van Doninck.


  1. Antonio Cairoli
  2. Jeremy Van Horebeek
  3. Romain Febvre
  4. Glenn Coldenhoff
  5. Tim Gajser
  6. Evgeny Bobryshev
  7. Jose Butron
  8. Benoit Paturel
  9. David Philipaerts
  10. Michele Cervellin
  11. Rui Goncalves
  12. Alessandro Lupino
  13. Brent Van Doninck
  14. Alvin Ostlund
  15. Tanel Leok
  16. Samuele Bernardini
  17. Petar Petrov
  18. Iker Larranga
  19. Ken De Dycker
  20. Brian Bogers

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