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Irwin, Kullas and Gibson talk Blaxhall

Irwin, Kullas and Gibson talk Blaxhall
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Graeme Irwin and Harri Kullas have suffered some bad luck in this years British Championship, and as the series entered its second half, their string of misfortune continued at the Blaxhall Pit circuit in Suffolk on Sunday the 28th of June.In a very tight MX1 qualifying, Graeme Irwin seeded ninth and went on to take two impressive fourth places after bad starts in the first two races. As he pushed to recover from a bad gate and come through the field in race three, Irwin sustained a hard fall and dropped to the back. Despite climbing back into the points, the fall had left him dazed and he was forced to retire and claimed 9th overall

” Gutted because I should have had a podium, that said I’m happy with the weekend really. Apart from the last race it was a good day, it’s nice to have a day like that.
We’re using the new air suspension now and it’s working well, I need a little more riding to get totally used to it, but it’s a step in the right direction. ”  — Graeme Irwin, MX1, #5

Harri Kullas’ bad luck started early in MX2 as he suffered with a mechanical failure in race one. The Finn showed his true pace in the second race by climbing from the back of the field to tenth, after he was forced to start on the bare concrete. The third race saw Kullas forced wide and get involved with an accident between Steven Lenoir and Bryan Mackenzie, but again he showed good speed to climb back to tenth and narrowly missed out of the top ten overall.

“In the first race I was going well, but then I heard something from the bike, I lost power and then it stopped, it’s just one of those things.
I took the spare bike in the second race and there was an issue on the sighting lap, Neil fixed it but I was last to the gate and had to start on the wet concrete so I didn’t make a good start, but I came back tenth.
In the third race I was hoping for a top five, but three guys pinned me and we were last. I  tried to stick with Lenoir as we climbed positions and got back to tenth again.
It was all right really, my riding was good but it  was just some bad luck again. If I can get the starts then I should be looking at top five.”  — Harri Kullas, MX2, #51

Happy with being able to go race distance after returning to MX2 from his back injury, Gary Gibson made a positive step forward on Sunday. A crash in race one forced him to retire, and a mistake in race three cost him, but he recovered from a bad start in race two to finish inside of the top twenty and claimed his first points since his return to the championship.

” I had to pull out in the first race after a crash bent my bars and levers. I didn’t get a great start in the second, but managed to climb into 20th, and then the last race I blew out of a berm and was stuck in the traffic before I could get going again.
At least I know where I’m at now, I just need to work on keeping my stamina for the last race and then hopefully we can see a top fifteen.”  — Gary Gibson, MX2, #4

“After a couple of weeks of good riding with Graeme and the new air forks and shock, with help from Gavin at G-Force, Graeme took two fourths. He was capable of the podium, but the crash in the last race cost him that.
Harri had a good start in the first race, but the crank pin snapped and unfortunately that ended the race for him. From my point of view though, Harri was riding really well and his speed was there, it’s just more bad luck really.
Gary was much better this weekend, exactly where he needed to be. A point in the second race is a good step forward. From the previous round at Hawkstone to this, he’s moving in the right direction, it’s all good from him.”  — Neil Prince, Team Manager

Images: Elliot Spencer

Round 1 – 15th March – Hilton Park, Wolverhampton.
Round 2 – 5th April – Lyng, Norfolk.
Round 3 – 3rd May – Canada Heights, Kent.
Round 4 – 7th June – Hawkstone Park, Shropshire.
Round 5 – 28th June – Blaxhall Pits, Suffolk.
Round 6 – 19th July – Foxhill, Swindon.
Round 7 –
6th September – Preston Docks, Preston. 
Round 8 – 4th October – FatCat Motoparc, Doncaster.

MX1 Overall
1. Shaun Simpson
2. Steven Frossard
3.  Kristian Whatley
4. Jake Nicholls
5. Tanel Leok
6. Martin Barr
7. Gert Krestinov
8. Ashley Wilde
9. Graeme Irwin
10. Brad Anderson
MX1 Standings
1. 344 Shaun Simpson
2. 260 Tanel Leok
3. 238 Gert Krestinov
4. 227 Kristian Whatley
5. 190 Brad Anderson
6. 187 Martin Barr
7. 174 Steven Frossard
8. 166 Ashley Wilde
9. 154 Graeme Irwin 
10. 126 Jake Nicholls
MX2 Overall
1. Max Anstie
2. Steven Lenoir
3. Steven Clarke
4. Adam Sterry
5. Ben Watson
6. Carlton Husband
7. Bryan Mackenzie
8. Robert Davidson
9. James Cottrell
10. Matiss Karro12. Harri Kullas
26. Gary Gibson
MX2 Standings
1. 291 Max Anstie
2. 281 Steven Lenoir
3. 220 Ben Watson
4. 209 Bryan Mackenzie
5. 208 Adam Sterry
6. 154 Steven Clarke
7. 128 Carlton Husband
8. 127 Lewis Trickett
9. 117 Liam Knight
10. 116 Harri Kullas

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