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Irwin, Bradshaw and Gibson talk Preston Docks!

Irwin, Bradshaw and Gibson talk Preston Docks!
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Preston Docks saw Graeme Irwin claim his second consecutive third in round seven of the British Motocross Championship and closes the gap to the top five in the MX1 championship with one round to go.

The Heads & All Threads Suzuki riders’ season has had its ups and downs but as the season has progressed he has been bringing in the results, and despite being at the back of the field at the start of the opening moto he charged through to take sixth.

After Irwin took the holeshot in race two, the series’ leaders, Shaun Simpson and Tanel Leok, made quick passes and Irwin had a solitary race for third.

A bad start in the final moto saw Irwin push into fourth but the gap to third was too large for him to close down. However, the young Northern Irishman knew he had done enough and claimed his second consecutive third place podium spot.

“Despite a bad start, the first race was my best ride of the day and I had the second fastest lap of the race coming through traffic. I managed to take the holeshot in the second but Simpson and Leok got by me straight away. I didn’t ride that well in the first four or five laps, I couldn’t get into a rhythm and it was kind of a lonely race, just third the whole way. I didn’t get the best start in the last race and I managed to get by a few guys but Whatley had got a good start and I just couldn’t close the gap, but I knew I’d done enough for third overall.” — Graeme Irwin, MX1, #5

In MX2 Gary Gibson managed to secure some of his best results of the season, whilst Nev Bradshaw finished just outside of the top ten in eleventh.

A bad start in the opening moto for Gibson saw him jostle for position for much for the race before claiming seventeenth with Bradshaw taking twelfth.

The RM-Z250 duo made better starts in race two with them both climbing to within the top ten. Bradshaw crossed the line in eighth while Gibson struggled with a section of track and was relegated to sixteenth over the closing laps.

Bradshaw managed to recover from a bad start in the final moto and crossed the line in eighth to claim eleventh overall, but Gibson’s race was cut short. After recovering from a fall due to an early aggressive pass he began picking his way through the field, but was left with no-where to go when a rider fell in front that resulted in a forced retirement and nineteenth overall.

“I’m happy, my lap times were pretty consistent to be honest, so my fitness is good at the minute. I just need to get a decent time in qualifying and get out of the gate. There’s not a lot between the times from tenth to twentieth, even twenty-fifth, so the start is so important. I’m just really impressed with the RM-Z250 overall. It was a difficult start to the season with my injury, but a huge thanks to the Heads & All Threads team for all their support.” — Gary Gibson, MX2, #4

“It was a pretty good weekend, it got better as it went on. We got the bike set-up sorted through the day and by the last race I felt like my normal self again. It’s quite cool to be able get back into the top tens of the MX2 guys. I’m taking small steps back towards where I was, so hopefully just keep improving over the next couple of weeks and be good for the last round at FatCats.” — Neville Bradshaw, MX2, #272

“Overall it was a good day for everybody. The 250f guys were on the gas and they were in the battle all day. It was so close in MX2 that a couple of points either way would gain or cost you a lot of places.
I’m pumped with Graeme’s performance, he did a great job to get on the podium again. His first race was tremendous, to come through the pack to sixth from stone last was an awesome effort.” — Neil Prince, Team Manager

Round 1 – 15th March – Hilton Park, Wolverhampton.
Round 2 – 5th April – Lyng, Norfolk.
Round 3 – 3rd May – Canada Heights, Kent.
Round 4 – 7th June – Hawkstone Park, Shropshire.
Round 5 – 28th June – Blaxhall Pits, Suffolk.
Round 6 – 19th July – Foxhill, Swindon.
Round 7 – 6th September – Preston Docks, Preston.
Round 8 – 4th October – FatCat Motoparc, Doncaster.

MX1 Overall
1. Shaun Simpson
2. Kristian Whatley
3. Graeme Irwin
4. Ashley Wilde
5. Tanel Leok
6. Jamie Law
7. Alex Snow
8. Brad Anderson
9. Michael Eccles
10. Ryan Houghton
MX1 Standings
1. 494 Shaun Simpson
2. 347 Tanel Leok
3. 287 Gert Krestinov
4. 277 Brad Anderson
5. 260 Martin Barr
6. 259 Graeme Irwin
7. 245 Kristian Whatley
8. 227 Ashley Wilde
9. 204 Jamie Law
10. 174 Steven Frossard
MX2 Overall
1. Max Anstie
2. Adam Sterry
3. Steven Lenoir
4. Ben Watson
5. Bryan Mackenzie
6. Steven Clarke
7. Brad Todd
8. Conrad Mewse
9. Jordan Booker
10. Lewis Trickett

11. Neville Bradshaw
19. Gary Gibson

MX2 Standings
1. 441 Max Anstie
2. 397 Steven Lenoir
3. 327 Ben Watson
4. 325 Adam Sterry
5. 285 Bryan Mackenzie
6. 250 Steven Clarke
7. 191 Lewis Trickett
8. 158 Carlton Husband
9. 155 Jordan Booker
10. 152 Liam Knight

12. 139 Neville Bradshaw

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