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Irwin, Bradshaw and Gibson talk Foxhill!

Irwin, Bradshaw and Gibson talk Foxhill!
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Graeme Irwin took third in the sixth round of the 2015 British Championship at Foxhill and climbed four places into sixth in the MX1 standings.

The Heads & All Threads Suzuki rider qualified in second and took the holeshot in the first race, but a mistake dropped him to third.
Another great start in the second race, but Irwin was hard pressed for the duration but still claimed second.
Irwin found himself in eleventh on the first lap of race three, and with lap times so close passing was made difficult. As he pushed to make progress he went down, but managed to climb back to eleventh and salvaged just enough to take third overall and break his run of bad luck.

“Everything was all good, I maybe should have changed to a lighter back shock spring for the last race, but everyone was struggling to get grip.
A bit disappointed with the last race and missing out on second overall, but the bike and the team were great .”  — Graeme Irwin, MX1, #5

The teams replacement MX2 rider, Neville Bradshaw, made his return to the British racing scene and proved he still has what it takes.
The South African qualified in ninth and took eighth & ninth in the first two races. A bad start in the third saw the RM-Z250 rider in sixteenth, but he moved into twelfth and claimed sixth overall.

“It would have been nice if the track let you push through a bit. I think my speed was good but when you get stuck behind people you just couldn’t go forward.
It was cool though, to qualify in the top ten and get sixth overall on my first ride back, a good day.”  — Neville Bradshaw, MX2, #272

Also in MX2, Gary Gibson started promisingly in race one, but after struggling with vision on the watered track he dropped to twentieth.
A bad start in race two had him in thirtieth, but passing was difficult on the slick track and he struggled to break into the top twenty.
A mid-pack start in race three meant Gibson was in the middle of the dust. Bad visibility meant he went down and injured his hand, unfortunately resulting in a DNF.

“The first race started well, but they put a lot of water down and I struggled to see when I’d used all of my tear offs, so I started losing some places.
I had a bad start in the second race and it was so hard to pass I couldn’t really recover.
Then in the last race it was so dusty I caught a rock with my front wheel and went down. I bent my fingers back and couldn’t hold on so I had to pull off.
I’m still moving in the right direction so I’m happy, but I need a little more consistency.”  — Gary Gibson, MX2, #4

Overall, it was a fantastic day really.
Everything has been going well for Graeme in the last month or so. He’s been getting good practice and you can see he’s in a good place at the moment.
First time back in the British Championship for Neville and it was really good, he’s still competitive.
Gary was battling more towards where he should be, an unfortunate off in the last race, but he’s moving in the right direction.”  — Neil Prince, Team Manager

Round 1 – 15th March – Hilton Park, Wolverhampton.
Round 2 – 5th April – Lyng, Norfolk.
Round 3 – 3rd May – Canada Heights, Kent.
Round 4 – 7th June – Hawkstone Park, Shropshire.
Round 5 – 28th June – Blaxhall Pits, Suffolk.
Round 6 – 19th July – Foxhill, Swindon.
Round 7 –
6th September – Preston Docks, Preston. 
Round 8 – 4th October – FatCat Motoparc, Doncaster.

MX1 Overall
1. Shaun Simpson
2. Martin Barr
3. Graeme Irwin
4. Gert Krestinov
5. Brad Anderson
6. Tanel Leok
7. Josh Spinks
8. Elliot Banks Browne
9. Jamie Law
10. James Harrison
MX1 Standings
1. 419 Shaun Simpson
2. 303 Tanel Leok
3. 287 Gert Krestinov
4. 240 Martin Barr
5. 239 Brad Anderson
6. 206 Graeme Irwin 
7. 191 Kristian Whatley
8. 179 Ashley Wilde
9. 174 Steven Frossard
10. 162 Jamie Law
MX2 Overall
1. Max Anstie
2. Steven Lenoir
3. Adam Sterry
4. Ben Watson
5. Steven Clarke
6. Neville Bradshaw
7. Bryan Mackenzie
8. Lewis Trickett
9. James Dunn
10. Jordan Booker

27. Gary Gibson

MX2 Standings
1. 366 Max Anstie
2. 343 Steven Lenoir
3. 274 Ben Watson
4. 266 Adam Sterry
5. 240 Bryan Mackenzie
6. 205 Steven Clarke
7. 156 Lewis Trickett
8. 141 Carlton Husband
9. 136 Liam Knight
10. 128 Jake Millward

13. 104 Neville Bradshaw 

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