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Irish Arenacross riders prepare for Belfast!

Irish Arenacross riders prepare for Belfast!
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Martin Barr along with the guys at E-Trax took it upon themselves to help the Irish riders who will enter the All Ireland Cup this weekend at the Belfast Arenacross.

Whoops were built specifically for the event and the riders were allowed to bring their bike inside the building normally reserved for KTM’s freeride electric machines.

McCormick Pic: J McCready

The event was the brainchild of Martin Barr, who will of course be racing in the Pro Lites class on his Crescent Yamaha this Friday and Saturday night in front of his home crowd

“The boys have done an awesome job for letting it all happen and building us the whoops. That was the main priority for us, there is nowhere else we can do it, they’ve done an awesome job, the right measurements, the right height and everything,” enthused Barr.

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Whoops at E-Trax Pic: J. McCready

“I spoke with Gareth and Kyle just to see if we could put something together. Being from here there is nowhere for us to practice supercross whatsoever and the guys doing the Arenacross now, especially in the pro class, it’s all they do, they do about 44 Arenacross races a year, so they are coming in well and truly ready to rock.

“So my idea was there to help all the home guys, obviously I could have just used it myself and said nothing and got as much preparation as I can, but I’m not about that, I want to try and give something back to the sport. The guys at E-Trax NI, once we sat down they were all buzz about it, they are so enthusiastic about the whole sport over here’s, it’s absolutely fantastic.

Phil Harris Pic: J. McCready

“When we got it all in place, they didn’t even charge anyone to ride here today, they did it just for the passion of the sport. Their new business has taken off really well and everyone (in the motocross community) has really supported it. All they ask in return is the continued support from us, and I think people who haven’t done it yet will be amazed how good it is and how good the electric bikes are.

“I’m really happy everybody has came along and enjoyed it, listened to the briefing, it wasn’t a race day it was just a practice day and everyone took that on board. It was nice of some of the riders to shake my and hand and say thanks for putting it together and it makes me happy to see I have helped them in preparation for it.

Cameron Turley Pic: J. McCready

Irish MX1 competitor Lindsay Newell will be racing in the All-Ireland cup and feels the day was a big help for his preparation.

“It’s been a really, really good day, it’s good we aren’t going into the weekend blind. I’d like to thank Martin, Kyle and Gareth for putting it on for us it’s very much appreciated,” said the Suitor brothers KTM rider.

Lindsay Newell Pic: J. McCready

“I’m really looking forward to riding at the weekend, there is no pressure as we are out i then All-Ireland class so you aren’t getting lured into riding over your head like you might in the pro class so I’m looking forward to going to and enjoying myself in front of the people at home and starting 2019 the right way.

“My style and technique is very, very smooth so I might have to up it a wee bit and make it more aggressive but other than that it will be a smooth transition hopefully!”

It wasn’t just the adults who got to ride the track with 60cc riders and 80cc riders also given the opportunity to get a feel for the indoors and whoops, with Philip McCulloughs two boys Cole and Robbie two of the riders present.

Second generation of the McCulloughs! Pic: J. McCready

All in all it was a great opportunity offered by Barr and E-Trax NI for those who could attend, and should hopefully calm the nerves slightly for Friday when the hit the whoops section for the first time!

Nathan Green Pic: J. McCready

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