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Interviews: Brad Todd and Robert Hamilton

Interviews: Brad Todd and Robert Hamilton
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MX1 winner Robert Hamilton

First overall today, you had a big battle in that third moto, Gibby got you but you got him right back, you seemed pretty determined to win that one!

Yea the day went well, the last race was good with me and Gary, it was a strong day to start the season and I feel good on the bike. I am just happy to come away with the overall win, hopefully we can build on it and get stronger.

This time last year you were solid but this season you have come out all guns blazing! Have you done anything different this winter to come out so strong?

No, we just did a bit more testing and got the suspension sorted with Scott Gardiner at Planet Suspension, and that always helps when it comes to rough tracks like this. I’m happy with the bike, Doma pipes and the Michelin tyres are hooking up really well.

In the first moto Gibson won it with a bit of a gap, did you expect to come back and win the next two races?

Well we had a few problems in the first one and I had to let it go but I still finished second which was dead on and I was happy enough that one.

You are in a good position now in both the Irish and Ulster championships, you must be excited for the rest of the season?

Yea it’s going good, I had a good weekend at the Irish and practicing down at Philip’s (Magilligan) has been helping me. It’s going good, steady but I won’t be counting my chickens too soon!

The British championship comes to Desertmartin in June are you planning on doing that one?

Yeah we will see what happens coming up to it, all being well we should be, it will be the local race on the local track so why not?!

MX2 winner Brad Todd

Three starts, three wins in MX2 how did you find the day?

It was good, it got really rough in the last race and I managed to pull a little lead and kept it the whole way. The bike is awesome with Planet Suspension, so it was good.

It looked liked in the first one Jason Meara put you under a bit of pressure in the back markers but once you got clear of them you pulled out a bit?

Yeah I didn’t actually realise Jason was behind me! He was riding well and I didn’t expect him to stick with us, but the Irish lads are always good here and I would come back again.

You rode that last MX1 moto on your 250 and got third – I’m sure you are pretty tired!

Yeah I’m a bit knackered! I just decided I would go out with the 450s and see what happens. I got a bad start and managed to pull through, I made a couple of mistakes but towards the end I was hanging a bit, the bumps were ridiculous!

Testing wise are you able to take much away for the British championship round here?

This was the whole reason we came here because of the British being here. Whoever seems to know the track best seems to ride it best and that’s what you’ve got to do to be at the top.

Just talking about Lyng you were fourth overall with a sixth and seventh you must have been pleased with that, it was a great start to the season for you.

Yea it was awesome, I really worked hard for it to be honest and the whole team had as well. I love the track and I’ve always gone good there, I just had to get good starts and do what I could, I had been struggling with a bit of arm- pump going in but I managed to sort that before the race, I was really happy with the result.

Are those results your expectations going into the season?

With the amount of work I’ve been putting in it’s the consistent top six I really want, it’s consistency that get good results in the championship. Last year I had some good results but then I had some DNFs, so that wasn’t good!

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