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Interview: Thomas Kjer Olsen

Interview: Thomas Kjer Olsen
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Thomas Kjer Olsen is one guy who has always shown good speed but never been able to put a great season together and challenge for the EMX250 title. However, he has started 2016 with some great form, speed and results.

Consistency wins you titles and he hasn’t yet been off the podium in the class so far this season. Italy was the best round for him so far dominating and going 1-1, he gained lots of points in the championship race. He now has a nice thirty-one point gap cushion over Hunter Lawrence. Things are looking good for the Danish rider.

We decided to sit down with Thomas and discuss his brilliant start to the season he’s having on his Bodo Schmidt Husqvarna.

Gatedrop: It was a dominate weekend for you going 1-1 in Italy, can you talk me through the races?

Thomas Kjer Olsen: It was an amazing weekend for me. I was first in my quali group, and was able to get two OK starts. I found some good lines on the track and made some good passes, I felt comfortable on my husky and rode two solid motos to go 1-1.

Gatedrop: At the first round in Valkenswaard you were sick, just how much did it affect you and you must have been happy with the podium?

Thomas Kjer Olsen: Valkenswaard was definitely a big struggle, I picked up a bad flu on Wednesday before the race, and I only left my bed when I had to go racing on the weekend. It was a big bummer after all the work we put in this winter, but we were just looking to get some points and go on to the next one healthy.  To get 3rd in Valkenswaard was a bit of a surprise to all of the team.

Gatedrop: You have always had the speed to run at the front but this year you seem a lot more consistent. Is that something you have worked on?

Thomas Kjer Olsen: No, its not something we specifically worked on, we just did our motos and stuck to the plan we had.  Of course that helped me to get both faster and more consistent.

Gatedrop: Obviously a few guys from last year moved up to MX2 so what’s the level like in the EMX250 championship this year?

Thomas Kjer Olsen: For sure the EMX has a high level, a lot of guys that moved up to race GP from the EMX are doing really good, and it is nice to know that if you do good in the EMX, then GP is not too far away.

Gatedrop: You could have been one of the guys to make the move to MX2 but you decided to stay in EMX250, what was the reason behind that?

Thomas Kjer Olsen: To be honest, the opportunity was not there and I wanted to get a good result in the EMX before going in to GP’s. When I go to the GP’s its going to be with everything 100% clear and ready.

Gatedrop: Rasmus Jorgensen is your coach, how does he help you and what’s it like working with him?

Thomas Kjer Olsen: Rasmus helps me with all of my training, we have been together all winter and we go practicing together every week.  It’s just nice to have a trainer like Rasmus by my side at all times registering my every move. But in the end Rasmus helps me with basically anything and for sure he is the guy that pushed to a new level this year, so I’m grateful to have him as my coach.

Gatedrop: Will you race any MX2 GP’s in 2016 that don’t collide with the EMX250 races?

Thomas Kjer Olsen: I don’t know about that yet, we have talked about it, but there is no conclusion yet.

Gatedrop: For 2017 is the goal to move up to the MX2 class – you have the speed for good results!

Thomas Kjer Olsen: Yes, my goal is get the EMX title this year and move to the MX2 class, it has always been a dream to race MX2 and hopefully it will come true.

Gatedrop: You are quite a big guy and race the MX1 class in the ADAC Championship, how do you feel riding the bigger bike?

Thomas Kjer Olsen: Yeah, in the ADAC I ride the 350FC and its so nice to ride, I enjoy the power of the bike and the way it rides, it fits me really well. Having said that, I like my 250 just as much, it has a lot of power and its fun to ride. So a little bit of both is good and its fun to switch it up sometimes.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Youthstream

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