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Interview: Steven Lenoir

Interview: Steven Lenoir
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This year marks Steven Lenoir’s fourth year in the British scene and the Frenchman seems to be loving life in the British paddock! It has took the former European champion a while to adapt to the sand tracks in the UK but he has looked as good as ever this year!

He has surprised some people this year and currently has the red plate, he currently has eight points over Max Anstie for the championship lead. Steven has been remarkably consistent this year as he has only finished one moto outside the top three and even that was a fourth! There is no doubt about it, the Frenchman is talented and he is a serious contender for the title this year due to his speed and consistency.

Gatedrop caught up with Steven to ask him about him what life is like in the British paddock and his season so far!

Gatedrop: You’ve been in the British paddock a few years now, you must really enjoy racing the British championship?

Steven Lenoir: Yes, it’s been a long time already, my 4th year now, I really like this championship and this year the tracks we have had are prepared really good, so far it’s been lots of fun doing it.

Gatedrop: Most the British races are sand, it’s really helping you with your sand riding..

Steven Lenoir: Racing in England you definitely need to be good in the sand and being French I had to step up my sand skills and I have been able to do that every year so I’m happy about that.

Gatedrop: It must feel pretty good to be consistently beating the fast English talent on their home soil?

Steven Lenoir: yes, it’s good to beat them but not easy, English riders in England are really quick and the tracks are so different than where I come from. It’s been a learning curve for me over the past couple of years.

Gatedrop: You have the red plate, were you expecting to be battling for the title before the season?

Steven Lenoir: It’s been my goal to be British champion since 2013. I came close two years ago. Last year I was quick but I had a lot of issues. I have the red plate now after the third round but plenty more races to go, I’m going to have to be strong. But before anything if you want do it then you got to believe you can do it.

Gatedrop: With Dyer and Butler do you think you’ve found a team were you will stay for a few years, everything seems to be going well?

Steven Lenoir: Thanks to them, they believed in me and gave me a good deal, they also listened to my needs and we made things work this year, I’m happy that the atmosphere is good. There is no pressure on me. I have only a one year deal so we will see for the rest.

Gatedrop: What is your opinion on the age rule for MX2, you must be frustrated because you could be doing well in the world championship?

Steven Lenoir: This rule is completely stupid. Some riders aren’t made to ride a big bike and the numbers of riders in MXGP is still low so what they tried – it didn’t worked! I’m really gutted about that.

Gatedrop: Have you got much experience riding a 450?

Steven Lenoir: Not much experience on the 450 but I have been on a 350 training for a year now and I feel really good on it.

Gatedrop: Do you know what you will do next year yet, stay in the British MX2 class or the MX1 class?

Steven Lenoir: My wish for next year is to ride the mx1 for sure, I will be 24 so I’m considered as old. I’m looking forward to my rookie season, I nearly moved up to the class this year.

Gatedrop: Where do you see your future? Would you like to have the chance to ride the MXGP class in the future?

Steven Lenoir: Riding a full MXGP season in 2017 could be really good for me but the budget is so high and numbers of the teams are so low. We will see, I take it year after year and do my best. I don’t have any money to bring to any team that’s for sure!

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Pic: Dyer and Butler PR


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