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Interview: MX2 Spanish GP winner Valentin Guillod

Interview: MX2 Spanish GP winner Valentin Guillod
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A quick chat with Valentin Guillod who won his first ever Mx2 race in Talavera, Spain.

GateDrop: First GP win, were you expecting that coming into the weekend?
Valentin Guillod: My goal was to make two top fives and to change nothing on the bike! I changed nothing on the bike was sixth in the first race and won the second race and I won the GP it was just awesome.

GateDrop: When you were in second it looked like you believed you could win when you were in second and catching Dylan?
Valentin Guillod: I was not pushing so hard next to Dylan. I didn’t make mistakes but I couldn’t find a solution to pass him. Physically it was difficult and in one moment I tried to give him a block pass but it didn’t happen and with two laps to go I made the same move and it happened. I took the lead and I won the race.

Guillod on top of the Podium. Pic: MXGP

Guillod on top of the Podium. Pic: MXGP

GateDrop: Did you feel the pressure in the last lap, what was going through your head?
Valentin Guillod: One of my problems is I crash sometimes! So i stayed just stay on two wheels even if someone passes you, a second is better than a crash. I was just riding clear with no mistakes and it happened.

GateDrop: You had to switch from KTM to Yamaha this year, was that a big adjustment?
Valentin Guillod: Yeah last year we had a good bike, this year we start from zero but we show now that we have one of the best bikes. It was a bit difficult the first GPs but now we show that the bike is ready and I’m ready.

GateDrop: Where you a bit frustrated at the start of the season?
Valentin Guillod: Yeah for sure, but we saw we weren’t ready for the start, actually today also we have a small problem with the jump out of the gate but it’s part of the business and we will keep working and try to find the best solution

GateDrop: How did you find the track? It looked a bit one lined but fun to ride?
Valentin Guillod: The track was nice, today was perfect, warm-up was perfect. For the European race it was perfect then when we went for our sighting lap the track was full of water. I was a bit pissed about that, they put water everywhere, it was bad because the condition of the track had been perfect. But it’s the same for everyone,

GateDrop: Just a word on Yves Demaria, he had a lot of success in his career, how does he help you?
Valentin Guillod: Every day we are together almost, I live close to his home and every day he comes training with me, we go cycling or running. He knows exactly who I am and he knows what to do to help me get good results.

GateDrop: Are you having to move up next season?
Valentin Guillod: Yeah I have to move up but I don’t want to! I want that U23 years old to change but it is the business and I have to go to MXGP

GateDrop: You are quite smooth so a 450 could suit you?
Valentin Guillod: Yeah, but I might have to put more muscle on, I’m a bit skinny but it will be ok!

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