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Interview: Jason Anderson – I just do it how I want to do it!

Interview: Jason Anderson – I just do it how I want to do it!
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Jason Anderson has ridden a textbook season so far. The supercross points leader has showed race winning speed when he needed too but also limited the mistakes better than everyone else this season – it has almost been a Ryan Dungey style season for the formerly aggressively erratic Rockstar Husqvarna rider.

Anderson now appears to have harnessed that aggression with good on track decisions and it is looking likely his reward may be the accomplishment of a childhood dream- to be crowned a supercross champion.

Doug Turney caught up with a chilled Jason just prior to the race in Foxborough to get his thoughts on what changed this season.

Can you talk a little about the difference between this year and last year?

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I guess you always try and be better year to year, it doesn’t always go to plan but this year it seems to be working and I feel like I am riding better and making better decisions on the racing side of things – I am going to try and keep doing that.

You mentioned before you are making more decisions for yourself rather than let others make them for you, can you address that some?

Yeah basically my theory on that is a I do whatever I want to make myself better and not really caring about what anyone else is saying about what I should do in my program. Obviously there is a structure that I follow but the way I go about things is that I just do it how I want to do it and how I think it will help me best. I definitely feel like you should follow structure still but at the same time there is some stuff that I have been doing extra that is very beneficial to me.

Is being based in Sourthern California helping you with the racing?

I have been in a Florida too. The whole time I have done the 450 deal I have tended to be in California a bit more than the other guys. For me it’s home, I enjoy it there and my house is there and stuff like that.

Any other big differences between this year and last year that you think is helping you with the championship?

Yeah the bike is completely different, I think all the tings the6 have changed have been beneficial to the way that the bike rides and it helps us racing for sure.

A couple of races when you have got hung up at the start you have been able to work your way back up through the pack and stay very calm, what is your thought process when you are back there?

I’m just trying to keep calm and not do something that will mean I will lose more points. I feel like going through the pack and stuff like that I have been more calm and make better decisions.

It’s been nearly a season now with the metal grates for starting on, what do you think of those?

I think they have been awesome and I hope they keep them for years to come. It kind of sucks we have to go back to dirt for the outdoors but we will make the best of it! I don’t know what There whole thought process is on not using them but I think they should switch it up!

Interview and photo: Doug Turney


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