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Interview: Jago Geerts!

Interview: Jago Geerts!
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Jago Geerts is one kid on a mission, the Belgian rides for Sahkar Racing team and makes the step up to the emx125 class this year.  He had an awesome season last year as he ended it as 85cc European champion, he could have been world champion too but for an injury.

It will be great watching him on the 125 this year and to see his progression in a class, I predict a very bright future for the 14 year old.

Gatedrop caught up with Jago to discuss his successful career so far, how he started riding and plans for the future in this interview.

Gatedrop: You were 85cc European champion last year, what did it feel like winning that title?

Jago Geerts: It felt really good, it was my second title after the Dutch championship and for me it was the best feeling ever to win it.

Gatedrop: You could have been world champion too but you got an injury before that race, could you tell me more about the injury and how that race went for you?

Jago Geerts: Yes, two weeks before the Junior World Championship I crashed in the zwarte cross and I broke my collarbone. During those two weeks every day I went to Jan Sporen for rehabilitation. I went to the JWC with no riding during those two weeks but I qualified in sixth which was good. In the races I got fifth and a tenth, It was pretty hard with my collarbone but it was okay to ride with.

Gatedrop: Some guys you were beating last year on an 85 have got factory rides and factory support, are you frustrated that you won’t have this for 2015?

Jago Geerts: No, I like the Sahkar Racing Team and for me it’s good that there is no pressure on me and to have good people around me within the team.

Gatedrop: Going into Italy are you happy with your speed on the 125 and what are your expectations for the first round?

Jago Geerts: I’m going to race in Italy with no expectations and after that race i will then know where I can be in the series.

Gatedrop: Everyone knows you are fast in sand, what’s your speed like in the hard pack and do you like hard pack as much as sand?

Jago Geerts: I have been training quite a lot on the hard pack for the last two weeks and i felt pretty good, I also like hard pack so we will see how it goes for me.

Gatedrop: How did you get started riding a motorcycle and what age were you?

Jago Geerts: My dad was also a motocross rider so I got it from him I think, I was about three or four when I started.

Gatedrop: What rider do you look up to most and why?

Jago Geerts: Ken Roczen as I really like his style and also his personality is awesome.

Gatedrop: What are you main goals for the future?

Jago Geerts: For the future my main goals are that I want to be in MXGP and also an MX2 GP rider of course (laughs).

Gatedrop: Finally, MXGP has been awesome so far this season, what’s your opinion so far and who do you think will end up as champion?

Jago Geerts: yeah, I like the races this year, they are are very exciting and my favourites for the title this year will be Cairoli and Desalle, it’s going to be a tight battle for sure.

Interview: Andy McKinstry
Pic: Martin Plesnik


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