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Interview: Hunter Lawrence on the US Nationals – I’d love to win!

Interview: Hunter Lawrence on the US Nationals – I’d love to win!
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Donn Maeda caught up with Hunter Lawrence prior to the start of the US Nationals that will see the young determined Australian finally make his US debut.

Lawrence suffered two broken collarbones in the lead-up to supercross with the second break coming just before he was due to leave for the first round of the East coast series.

“We tried to be as smart as possible and what was best for my future,” said Hunter on why he decided to sit out the rest of supercross once he was recovered from his broken collarbone.

“I love supercross, it’s not that I don’t like or I’m scared by it,” he continues, “I wasn’t coming in over my head, it was just an experience thing. The first one was on an on-off section and I clipped a false neutral and the nose came down then over the bars, the second one was on a dragon back and caught the dirt, it wasn’t packed properly so it was an experience thing on my behalf. I broke the same one (collarbone) in the same place.”

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On his mindset coming into the US Nationals, Lawrence has high goals with realistic expectations: “Everyone is training to win, I’m not the only guy saying I want to win Nationals this year. I’m doing everything I can to be the best Hunter this year. The results will be what they’ll be, I’d love to win, I want to win but there is 39 other guys that also want to win. We have our plans and goals.”

On living in the US and being with the Geico Honda team, Lawrence revealed he recently, “had tears in my eyes because of how happy I felt and how comfortable I was.”

Lawrence also tells the story of how he and his family moved everything from Australia to make it in Grand Prix and America – and why he had to go to Cyprus every three months!

Despite team and financial struggles during his three years in Europe Hunter said: “I wouldn’t change it. I met a lot of great people in Europe and there is a lot of people I miss, but now I’m here and that was always our end goal. The one thing I probably miss from Europe is the (practicing) rough gnarly tracks, in Southern California it’s hard because their main customer is a weekend guy.”

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