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Interview: EMX125 Italy winner Maxime Renaux!

Interview: EMX125 Italy winner Maxime Renaux!
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Going into Italy it was the first round of the EMX125 championship and there are a lot of fast talent in that class. It was somewhat of a surprise to see Frenchman, Maxime Renaux take the overall win with two second place finishes.

Kemea Yamaha have signed Maxime to ride that championship for them and it looks like they have a bright talent within the team. Gatedrop caught up with Maxime to ask about italy and his plans for the future!

Gatedrop: Italy was really good for you, can you talk me through the moto’s.

Maxime Renaux: Italy was very good for me because I won the overall so I am really happy and I would like to say thanks to all my team and my mechanics.

Gatedrop: Last year you were outside the top 20, are you surprised you won the overall at the first round this year?

Maxime Renaux: I’m not so surprised because I worked for it this winter and last year I had some medicals problem so I was not on my level.

Gatedrop: You must be thinking about the championship now that you have the red plate?

Maxime Renaux: I don’t think too much about the championship because I am contesting the European championship to learn from it, I will do what I can and then I will work to get better.

Gatedrop: Who do you think your biggest competitor(s) will be for the title this year?

Maxime Renaux: I think there are many fast riders who can win races this year so I don’t look to who are these guys are, I will just ride and do my best.

Gatedrop: You have a good team with Kemea Yamaha, it must be cool working with Marnicq Bervoets?

Maxime Renaux: Yes, it is good working With Marnicq and all people who are supporting me like my parents, my coach Sébastien Sagot and my mechanics.

Gatedrop: Marnicq must help you with a lot of certain things?

Maxime Renaux: Yes, he gives me help on the track by helping me with certain lines and with also with the experience he has.

Gatedrop: You have good speed on the hard pack tracks, what’s your speed like in the sand and do you enjoy the sand races?

Maxime Renaux: Yes, i enjoy sand tracks, I won the touquet this year against 250 with my 125 Yamaha dragon’ tek, so yes i like sand races for sure!

Gatedrop: France have lots of young talented riders coming through, It must be cool to see so many fast French guys developing?

Maxime Renaux: Yes, it’s cool because there are many good riders from France so in the french championship there is good which is good preparation for the European races.

Gatedrop: What are your main goals for the future?

Maxime Renaux: I want for my future to win the world championship and now I am working really hard to achieve my dream.

Gatedrop: Who do you think will win the MXGP championship?

Maxime Renaux: I think Cairoli is doing the same as usual and he is very fast on the track so I think Cairoli will win the championship!

Gatedrop: Thanks for the interview!

Article: Andy McKinstry Pic: MXGP


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