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Interview: Cedric Soubeyras

Interview: Cedric Soubeyras
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Cedric Soubeyras is competing in the UKAX for the first time and he has started the series with a bang! He had the red plate heading into Belfast but lost it to Fabien Izoird – Cedric is now two points behind the red plate holder.

Cedric suffered from terrible starts in Belfast but was the fastest man on the track as he managed to come from nearly last and get two second place finishes. There was a lot of drama in Belfast and he collided with Chatfield and Ramette over the course of the two nights.

We caught up with Cedric to get his thoughts on the series and his performances so far!

Gatedrop: Both nights you made it hard work for yourself but two bad starts but the riding was good..

Cedric Soubeyras: Yeah, the first main was hard because I took a bad start and came back from dead last almost and then I finished second passing Izoird on the last lap.

Today was a different day because in the first heat I crashed really hard and I hurt my back. I couldn’t move much but I kept pushing in the second heat so I got qualified and into the final.

I wanted to try get inside and behind everybody but then Hansen crashed and I hit his bike and maybe Hansen. I was in ninth or tenth but then came back to second passing Ramette in the last lap again.

It was a hard day, I am in pain right now and I can’t wait to go home to see the doctor!

Gatedrop: Yesterday in the head-to-head yourself and Chatfield had a bit of drama, what is your thoughts on it?

Cedric Soubeyras: My opinion is that I was wrong, I hit him too hard for sure, I was 100% wrong. Then the federation said to me that they take off one point from the head-to-head and that I was disqualified. I didn’t deserve to be in the final anyway, it is the game, Adam was fast and I made a mistake pushing too hard.  Lucky he is not injured, you know, after his crash I was rolling until the end because I wanted him to get back to pass me and finish before me.

Gatedrop: Tonight in the final, Thomas Ramette and yourself collided, what went on there?

Cedric Soubeyras:  This time it is not the same because I didn’t go really hard on him. He was turning right inside but I was more inside and he didn’t think I was more inside than him so he turned like normal and I was there. I didn’t mean to make him crash for sure, I just wanted to pass him like I pass everybody. You know, shit happens but I didn’t mean to make him crash for sure because I am not like this. On Chatfield I admit that I was wrong but on Ramette even when he crashed I said no not again!

Gatedrop: Belfast was pretty good for you as you gained points on Ramette and Hansen?

Cedric Soubeyras: Yeah, overall it was good but now Fabien Izoird has got the red plate, I am just two points behind him. We are not out of the championship but it is going to be tough championship until the end. So far it is good, I keep pushing but I don’t have any bike at home to train so it is quite hard to get back here and to ride fast but it is a good championship. It is my first experience here and I am really happy to ride here.

Gatedrop:  Between each event do you go back to France or are you based in the UK for the championship?

Cedric Soubeyras: Yeah, I go back to France every week because here the weather isn’t very good to train. I keep training physically at home so that is why I keep going back home, I have many things to do over there. Being here not riding, I would prefer to be at home and not riding.

Gatedrop: You have some experience riding Supercross tracks in France, how different are the UK Arenacross tracks?

Cedric Soubeyras: You know, the tracks are smaller. We only have one track like this in France (Lyon) and the other ones like Lille or Genova, they are much bigger. But for the Yamaha, we have a really good bike and a strong bike with a lot of power.

Gatedrop: Is this a championship you would think about competing in again?

Cedric Soubeyras:  Yeah, if I have a good contract like this year then yeah, I will come back for sure. I like it, I like the feel and I like the way everyone rides here. It is very good racing here.

Gatedrop: What are your plans for the outdoor season in 2016?

Cedric Soubeyras: None yet! I did have as I signed two months ago with my French team but when they knew I was going to do the UK championship they said okay, you will maybe get injured so you will not do the motocross with us. One week later they said to me that we stop on the first of January so now I don’t have anything yet for the moment in motocross but I will be on the bike for sure!

Gatedrop: Now that you have some links in UK, would there be any chance you could do a few British motocross races?

Cedric Soubeyras: Not yet, at the moment my goal is to look forward in this championship and we will see after that!

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Arenacross UK

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