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Interview: Adam Chatfield talks about his win in Belfast!

Interview: Adam Chatfield talks about his win in Belfast!
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Adam Chatfield won a breath-taking main event at night one of Arenacross action in Belfast.

The Buildbase Honda rider took the lead early and withstood early race pressure from Thomas Ramette but when Cedric Soubeyras got into second the pressure became intense! Chatfield then didn’t jump the finish double going into the last lap but Soubeyras did and they nearly collided with the Frenchman clipping Chatfield’s elbow!

Soubeyras somehow recovered to form a last lap attack but Chatfield remained mistake free to take a very impressive win that had the whole arena gasping with excitement, and a joyous team boss Dave Thorpe saying he can’t take anymore of that type of tension!

We caught up with a delighted Chatfield who has vaulted himself into the championship lead with his win!

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That was one heck of a race!

Oh yeah it was an awesome race, I’m really happy. I just got the start and stayed out of trouble, they caught me in the last couple of laps, I made a few mistakes but I got it done and I’m really pleased.

What happened with a lap to go over the finish jump when you didn’t jump it and Soubeyras did?

I thought it was the last lap you see, so I went inside to protect my line and it didn’t work out! We got really lucky. (not to crash).

You had a lot of pressure that last lap…

Yeah it was very hard there were a lot of ruts on the track and you had to use your head, I would have been happy to get a podium, but I thought I could win it so I went for it!

And the points in the championship are looking pretty good for you now?

Yeah I have gained a few more points there to help me do it, so I’m happy!

Chatfield and Soubeyras battled hard in the main! Pic: Nigel McKinstry

Pro Main
1. Adam Chatfield, #407, Buildbase Honda, 20 points
2. Cedric Soubeyras, #5, SR75 World Suzuki, 18 points
3. Thomas Ramette, #1, SR75 World Suzuki, 16 points
4. Angelo Pellegrini, #941, RFX St Blazey MX, 15 points
5. Florent Richier, #2, Keystone Honda Racing, 14 points
6. Jack Brunell, #155, Team Green Kawasaki, 13 points
7. Jay Wilson, #6, I-Fly JK Yamaha, 12 points
8. Hugo Basaula, #747, 11 points
9. Matt Bayliss, #4, Buildbase Honda, 10 points
10. James Dunn, #200, MVR-D Husqvarna, 9 points
11. Cyrille Coulon, #5, SR75 World Suzuki, 8 points

Pro Championship
1. Adam Chatfield, 64 points
2. Cyrille Coulon,63 points
3. Cedric Soubeyras, 63 points
4. Angelo Pellegrini, 62 points
5. Florent Richier, 60 points
6. Thomas Ramette, 59 points
7. Jack Brunell, 56 points
8. Adrien Escoffier, 41 points
9. Hugo Basaula, 41 points
10. Matt Bayliss, 35 points
11. Sulivan Jaulin, 13 points
12. Jay Wilson, 12 points
13. Gaeten Le Hir, 11 points
14. Billy Mackenzie, 11 points
15. James Dunn, 9 points

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