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Hunter Lawrence: I struggled big time!

Hunter Lawrence:  I struggled big time!
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Once again the Ottobiano track in Lombardia, Italy was a real test for both riders and machines as the combination of scorching temperatures and sandy terrain meant that even finishing the races was a real struggle.

The Honda 114 Motorsports duo of Hunter Lawrence and Bas Vaessen continued their respective recoveries, but it certainly wasn’t easy for either of them on this brutal Ottobiano track. Lawrence placed just outside the top 10 in both his races after a crash at the first start and disappointing opening laps in 2nd Moto meant his couldn’t challenge any higher. Meanwhile Vaessen was unable to maintain his early moto intensity which saw him place as high as fourth, as he still looks to get back to 100% after his adductor injury. But this week end was still positive for him as he knows that he has the speed to fight inside the top 10. he has two more weeks now to work before Indonesia.

The Results are not what everyone expect but the Team is working as hard as possible and step by step we will be back.

Livia Lancelot: ” The week end was hard for everyone, conditions were epic and this didn’t help our riders to come back on their level after injuries. Hunter was struggling to be where he deserve, and Bas had 2 good starts and fast first laps but he is still missing his fitness especially after his last injury so he had to slow down at the end. The results don’t help us to stay positive but we won’t give up and keep working”

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Hunter Lawrence: “I did the best I could but overall I struggled big time this weekend, with what was an extremely gnarly track. I’ll keep working and look forward to the next rounds. The weekend off should benefit me as it’ll allow me to rest up a bit more and I’ll hopefully come back strong for Indonesia.”

Bas Vaessen: “Really happy happy with my starts and the speed of the first laps in the second, now building up my stamina to get my fitness back”

Words: 114 Motorsports Honda

Pic: Thibaultphotograpy

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