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Herlings wins Indonesian qualifier!

Herlings wins Indonesian qualifier!
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Jeffrey Herlings came back with a bang to win the qualifier in Indonesia with Cairoli the one making mistakes.

Cairoli took the holeshot but Herlings immediately took the lead with Cairoli then losing his balance in a rut and going off track.

Cairoli was then back in a big battle with Paulin, Gajser, Desalle and Anstie withthe Italian tipping over again in a corner before eventually getting through the pack and back into second with Desalle in his wheeltracks.

Cairoli got Herlings’ eight second lead down to 3 in the closing lap but it wasn’t enough to take the win.

Herlings said: “I was pretty much pain, but that’s normal, I broke my collarbone 17 day’s ago and it was pretty much shattered. I couldn’t go full gas.”

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