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Herlings update: Out for first three GPs at least – America an option!

Herlings update: Out for first three GPs at least – America an option!
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Jeffrey Herlings will have to miss at least three Grand Prix and it means racing the US Nationals is now an option, according to quotes from Herlings on Dutch site NOS –

The recovery of his broken foot is progressing well, but will certainly last until the end of April. “So there is a big cross through that world title,” concluded the reigning MXGP world champion.

Herlings continued, “It was really badly broken, so bad it was the question whether it was going to be all right.” For me it is now the most important thing that it recovers well, because I want to use my foot in the future.

“It was my own fault. I myself have fallen and can not blame anyone. People said that I might have to train a little less hard, but I went on anyway. And sometimes that goes well, because last year that gave 17 victories in 19 races. “

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“But now it is as if I have completely squeezed the orange and have thrown out another world title, which feels like failure, but I am not proud of it.”

“It is difficult to accept that I only participate in day successes (individual GP wins) and it will be difficult to motivate myself for races without a main goal. “

Herlings is now stating that America is an option – if he is fit in time!

“That is indeed an option, I am certainly open to it, but only if I am completely fit again, can prepare well and be able to ride for the title.

“Next week we have talks with the team in Austria, which is one of the scenarios that will be discussed, but it is only later that we cut the knot” (make the decision) says Herlings.

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