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Herlings on the title tension – not slept for a week!

Herlings on the title tension – not slept for a week!
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Jeffrey Herlings said he didn’t sleep for a week thinking of all the scenarios that could play out in the championship but the Dutchman was still able to deliver under the pressure when the gate dropped to get the job done! But the now five-time world champ admitted it was his toughest ever title.

Herlings said to the media: “I’m super happy but at the same time I feel gutted for the two next to me. I know how it feels, I had it in the past. I want to thank both of them for a great championship. The thing about our sport is that only one can win. But they have been great, and I respect all of them. Thank you all for the great year.

“Furthermore, the day was good. Definitely lots of pressure. I haven’t slept for a week, just thinking about scenarios. “If this happened? If that happened? What are we going to do?”. At the end of the day, nothing really happened the way I thought it would. We won the championship. It wasn’t an easy one. I think all three of us kept charging until the last race. Especially me and Romain. The pressure was on and I did not crack under it. I made the championship happen. I’m happy with it. It was the most difficult one ever. I needed nerves of steel the last weeks. We made it happen. I’m looking forward to next year to battle again with the boys”.

Images: InFront Moto Racing

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