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Herlings, Cairoli and Seewer discuss the current speed and level of MXGP

Herlings, Cairoli and Seewer discuss the current speed and level of MXGP
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The level and depth in the MXGP World Championship at the moment is quite frankly insane and fans are getting treated to great racing in an incredibly stacked field. After the MXGP of Riga, Geoff Meyer from MXLarge asked the podium guys in the press conference what they thought of the speed and level in the class at the moment and all three had interesting opinions on the matter.

Jeffrey Herlings: “I think it’s unbelievable (the pace in MXGP). It seems to increase every year because I watch back some races and sometimes there would be moto’s with a minute or half a minute and there was big gaps between us. Now everybody is so competitive and there’s more money getting in the industry so there’s more development, trainers involved and many people in the industry involved. I think that’s why the pace is getting higher and higher. Everybody wants to win you know? If  you look back at the races from 20 years ago and from 10 years ago to now, it’s just the world of difference. I think it’s the most competitive it’s ever been right now and especially in MXGP, you see how many race winners and champions are racing in the class, it’s unbelievable. Even if you are fighting for fifteenth place you still have a serious battle on your hands so it’s pretty special”.

Antonio Cairoli: “For me, it’s my opinion but I think the bikes are at too high a level and everybody is fast. If you see a couple of years ago you had guys that were fast because of their technique and were fit. Now with the development of the bike, even if you watch regional or national races, everybody is doing things that 20 or 15 years ago, you couldn’t even think about it.  I think every time we will be going faster and faster because the development of the bike is going to another level. I don’t say everybody but a lot of people can go faster than they could have before with technique or training”.

Jeremy Seewer: “It’s a bit of everything. Like Tony says,  the bikes improve and it’s easier to go fast for amateurs. Also, if someone is there like last year Tim was really strong and Jeffrey in the past, we are watching. We are not sleeping, we analyse videos, we check them and what they do different. We try to adapt and we catch up, that is how it goes. That’s why I think the level increases and increases and we will see how far that goes in the future. Somewhere there’s going to be a limit but for the moment it’s going up”.

Pic: Shot by Bavo

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