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Herlings and Bobryshev win in Holland

Herlings and Bobryshev win in Holland
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Axel hosted the first round of the Dutch Masters Championship today. No surprises in the MX2 class as Jeffrey Herlings stole the show and went 1-1 – he lapped up-to sixth position in the second moto. Alexsandr Tonkov rode strong going 2-2 as he keeps improving on the Yamaha. Hunter Lawrence is one who impressed today finishing 9-9, he has only been in Holland for a few months and is already showing good speed in the sand.

In MX1, Bobryshev showed great speed in the first moto to win by 32 secs ahead of Ben Townley. Filip Bengtsson ended up second overall by finishing 3-2, showing us once again how strong in the sand he is.

MX2 Moto One: 

  1. Jeffrey Herlings
  2. Aleksandr Tonkov
  3. Petar Petrov
  4. Brent Van Doninck
  5. Benoit Paturel
  6. Jeremy Seewer
  7. Maxime Renaux
  8. Thomas Olsen
  9. Hunter Lawrence
  10. Bas Vaessen

MX2 Moto Two: 

  1. Jeffrey Herlings
  2. Aleksandr Tonkov
  3. Jeremy Seewer
  4. Max Anstie
  5. Bas Vaessen
  6. Benoit Paturel
  7. Thomas Olsen
  8. Brian Bogers
  9. Hunter Lawrence
  10. Calvin Vlaanderen

MX1 Moto One:

  1.  Evgeny Bobryshev
  2. Ben Townley
  3. Filip Bengtsson
  4. Harri Kullas
  5. David Phillipearts
  6. Kevin Strijbos
  7. Jeffrey Dewulf
  8. Christophe Charlier
  9. Jonathan Bengtsson
  10. William Saris

MX1 Moto Two: 

  1. Evgeny Bobryshev
  2. Filip Bengtsson
  3. Harri Kullas
  4. Christophe Charlier
  5. Jeffrey Dewulf
  6. Kevin Wouts
  7. Rick Satink
  8. David Phillipaerts
  9. William Saris
  10. Mike Gijsbertsen



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