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Hawkstone International reveal EMX125 entry

Hawkstone International reveal EMX125 entry
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Hawkstone International introduced a new class at the event this year – the EMX125 class. They’ve decided to keep the class for the event next year and have some big talents racing in February.

With the likes of Everts, Rizzi, Kooiker, Smulders and Mc Lellan taking part it should provide some exciting battles for the British fans in Februay and they’ll be able to get a close look at the up and coming talent in the paddock. 

There’s still some more spots left in the class so there could still be some more nice additions.

Harvey James Foxhayes Car Sales/NC Groundworks Ltd KTM
Olly Davidson KTM
Harvey Cashmore CI Sport/Elderfield M/Cycles/LRS Suspension KTM
Samuel Davies SBXtreme/The Grafix Shack/ET James KTM
Joshua Fletcher Williams Wildmoor Grabaway Ltd Yamaha
Junior Bal Deschacht-Ballini Team Husqvarna
Joe Brookes Cab Screens Deos Group Husqvarna
Taylor Johnson BTJ Construction/Gibson Tyre Technology KTM
Charlie Griffiths KTM
Jason Down LA Racing Fuels/BRP/Dingeland/Gibbs Yamaha
Ezra Blackwell Meredith MX/Moto 33/Foxhead Europe Suzuki
Tomos Wright PAR Homes RFX Husqvarna
Finley James Foxhayes Car Sales KTM
Staf Mertens Yamaha
Liam Everts KTM
Roan Delaney DWMX Coaching KTM
Jacob Randall Apex KTM
Callum Baldwin KTM
Jude Morris FXR Europe Husqvarna
Nicolas Vennekens KTM
Sam Atkinson Phoenix Tools Husqvarna
Charlie Palmer Passion Racing Powered by Midwest Husqvarna
Corey Collins Collins Motor Co,RSS Suspension,SMPRO,Colwyn Bay KTM
Scott Smulders BT No Fear Husqvarna Racing
Camden Mc Lellan BT No Fear Husqvarna Racing
Leon Ongley Westsole Fencing/723 Race Bikes/DEP Pipes Yamaha
Dave Kooiker Yamaha
Jens Walvoort Motor2000/JG Bricklaying KTM
Bobby Bruce
Louie Kessell Judd Racing KTM
Patrick Jackson Eurotek/APJ Commercials KTM
Joel Rizzi PAR Homes RFX Husqvarna

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