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Hawkstone International: Results and Report!

Hawkstone International: Results and Report!
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No surprises as Jeffrey Herlings set the pace in MX2 qualification from Max Anstie who could be the two front runners in the MX2 world championship in 2016! Covington showed he had the speed in third in front of British duo Adam Sterry and Ben Watson.

MX2 Qualification:

  1. Jeffrey Herlings
  2. Max Anstie
  3. Thomas Covington
  4. Adam Sterry
  5. Ben Watson

Jeffrey Herlings won the first race ahead of KTM team mate Davy Pootjes as he looks to have recovered from the illness he suffered in Italy last weekend. Ben Watson was very impressive in third position and set a lap time in the same second as Jeffrey Herlings! Benoit continues to impress like he did last year with a fourth place ahead of Anstie who would have been expecting more in the first moto.

MX2 Race One:

  1. Jeffrey Herlings
  2. Davy Pootjes
  3. Ben Watson
  4. Benoit Paturel
  5. Max Anstie
  6. Adam Sterry
  7. Jeremy Seewer
  8. Liam Knight
  9. Conrad Mewse
  10. Roy Van-Heugten

Max Anstie had a much better second moto coming second behind Herlings. Everts will be much happier with Jeremy Seewers performance in the second moto finishing in third position. Again, Pootjes impressed in fourth ahead of Watson who had a good day making his Husqvarna debut.

MX2 Race Two:

  1. Jeffrey Herlings
  2. Max Anstie
  3. Jeremy Seewer
  4. Davy Pootjes
  5. Ben Watson
  6. Bas Vaessen
  7. Adam Sterry
  8. Thomas Covington
  9. Liam Knight
  10. Roy Van-Heugten

Shaun Simpson making his STR debut at Hawkstone set the pace in qualification ahead of Desalle who was also making his debut for KRT. Searle showed good speed in fourth on his Dixon Kawasaki.

MX1 Qualification:

  1. Shaun Simpson
  2. Clement Desalle
  3. Kevin Strijbos
  4. Tommy Searle
  5. Kevin Wouts

Clement Desalle was able to win his first ever race in green colours! Ando surprised everyone with a great ride ahead of Simpson. Suzuki boys Strijbos came home together in fifth and sixth. Irish rider, Stuart Edmonds had a strong ride to come home in 10th.

MX1 Race One:

  1. Clement Desalle
  2. Brad Anderson
  3. Shaun Simpson
  4. Kevin Wouts
  5. Kevin Strijbos
  6. Ben Townley
  7. Marc De Reuver
  8. Jake Millward
  9. Jeffrey Dewulf
  10. Stuart Edmonds

Shaun Simpson, Ben Townley and Clement Desalle were locked in an epic battle in the second moto. BT started behind them but then made the move on Desalle around half was in the moto but didn’t have enough for Simpson! The front three were over a minute ahead of Kevin Strijbos who ended up in fourth. A rider who surprised today has to be Kevin Wouts as he finished fourth and fifth in the MX1 motos, impressive!

MX1 Race Two:

  1. Shaun Simpson
  2. Ben Townley
  3. Clement Desalle
  4. Kevin Strijbos
  5. Kevin Wouts
  6. Marc De Reuver
  7. Brad Anderson
  8. Ashley Wilde
  9. James Hutchinson
  10. Jake Millward

It was time for the Superfinal! Max Anstie was leading but then went missing with around four laps to go which allowed Herlings to take the lead. Herlings was setting laptimes quicker than all the MX1 riders. The only rider to set a quicker time was Ben Townley but he DNF’d the moto with a problem. Shaun Simpson finished second and was the first 450 across the line from Strijbos and Desalle.


  1. Jeffrey Herlings
  2. Shaun Simpson
  3. Kevin Strijbos
  4. Clement Desalle
  5. Ben Watson
  6. Bas Vaessen
  7. Benoit Paturel
  8. Jeremy Seewer
  9. Adam Sterry
  10. Marc De Reuver


Article: Andy McKinstry






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