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Geartec Racing close their doors

Geartec Racing close their doors
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The Geartec Racing team have achieved a lot within the British Motocross scene but they’ve came to the tough decision to close their doors.

The team will be sadly missed in the paddock and we’d like to wish them all the best with the future

“Just like to say a massive thank you to all the people who have helped us on our journey the last few years with the motocross team, it’s been a rollercoaster to say the least. I’ve met so great people along the way and a fair few ringo’s but more importantly made some good friends, EBB (Elliot Banks-Browne) has been a pleasure to work with and a good friend who has to be the most naturally talented riders out there, Luke Burton has the heart of a lion and a true gentleman, Luke Norris and family brilliant people”. 

“Ray Rowson (laughs) funny as fu*k always makes me smile, a massive thank you to Nick Owen for all the hard work and effort which has never faltered, Rob Hooper the man who taught me so much and a top friend-and the biggest thank you to my Lynsey and Lewis for putting up with me and allowing me to do what I with a heavy heart it’s time to bow out of a sport I always loved at the top level. People who know how much goes in will understand, on to the next chapter keep twisting guys, Geartec out……”, the team stated on social media. 

Pic: MotoHead

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