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Gatedrop MXDN Predictions!

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Jonathan McCready: It is too close too call! There are six maybe seven teams capable of winning if they have a good day and their MX2 rider is strong. If Guillod or Searle ride at Matterley like they have in the past then either of those teams could win the event.

Belgium and France, despite their injuries will be strong and Charlier has won at Matterley in the past – but can he get the starts being a bigger guy?

The Netherlands of course have Herlings and two strong riders in Coldenhoff and Bogers to back him up, but again Bogers will need to get out of the gate to help the Dutch win the title.

Team USA are a lot stronger that people think, Covington and Osborne will be fast but Cole Seely will have the most to adapt too, but the track should suit his smooth style

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Switzerland have three very strong riders but with Guillod have the confidence and the power to get good starts on the 250? Team Italy are sneaky good too. Lupino has been riding very well lately on the 450 and Cervillin is no slouch on the hard pack either, they could be a sneaky podium pick.

I really like the chances of team GB, they are all motivated and I think Searle will be really good on the 250 and Max is proven in the mud after last weekend if it rains. And with Wilson always consistent and usually a good starter I might just pick team GB to finally get the luck they need the get the win on home soil – they have waited long enough!

  1. GB
  2. Netherlands
  3. France

Andy McKinstry: “There really could be a surprise in store at the Motocross Des Nations this weekend as in my opinion there’s no stand out favourite there usually is before the event. A number of countries all look strong – USA, Netherlands, Great Britain and France should be the main four but you can’t discount the links of Belgium, Switzerland and even Australia!

It honestly wouldn’t be too surprising to see any of the teams mention win except maybe Australia but even they could get on the podium if everything clicks on the day. It makes this year’s predictions very tough. One thing for sure is that there will be disappointing teams on Sunday night as a lot of teams will be targeting the podium.

In terms of who I see winning, I’m going to stick my neck out and say the Netherlands. They were agonisingly close to winning last year as only a point separated them and the winners France. The Dutch are the only top team to have the same rider line up from last year’s event and I feel that could help them. Herlings is more than capable of going 1-1 in his moto’s as long as he gets decent starts, both Coldenhoff and Bogers are good back up riders too so I really feel they have a good shot at it this year.

GB will be very strong with the home crowd support behind them and their riders really could have the race of their life so I think they could come very close to winning. You can never discount America either, I’d be shocked if they don’t make the podium.
I wouldn’t be shocked to see any of them win but I will go with the Netherlands for the win! “

  1. Netherlands
  2. Great Britain
  3. USA

Paul McCready: “Who’s going to win? France!… Or maybe GB, or USA, or the Netherlands or Switzerland. Oh wait I forgot Belgium too. Maybe I’m not so sure anymore.

With last years Nations being so tight I really don’t see any one team being stand out favourites.

My heart wants GB to win on home soil but every year something happens whether it’s a mechanical, first turn crash or injuries to rule the Brits out of contention.

It’s hard to bet against France, with Febvre and Paulin are so strong and consistent at this event and an experienced guy like Charlier on the 250cc bike they edge the favourites tag for me.

The Netherlands can expect a 1-1 score from Jeffrey Herlings but I reckon they need Coldenhoff break into the top five and one top ten from Bogers if they are to beat the French.

To my own surprise I’m leaving Team USA off the podium, maybe to my own peril. Zach Osborne is in the form of his life but Seeley and Covington haven’t dealt with the pressure of this event before and I think mistakes may creep into their game.

Australia haven’t been getting much hype but they have a sneaky strong team and could very well surprise.

Anyway just like Jonathan and Andy I’m going for a red, white and blue podium sweep.

  1. France
  2. Netherlands
  3. Great Britian


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