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Gajser and Bobryshev look forward to Lommel

Gajser and Bobryshev look forward to Lommel

As the season slowly starts to draw to an end, team HRC MXGP head to Lommel this weekend in the first of a series of back to back races, for the MXGP of Belgium.

Gajser’s much awaited return to the podium in Czech has spurred the Slovenian on to finish the season on a high. He will be aiming for a race reflective of his weekend in Loket, to get those all-important end of season points.
Bobryshev has displayed some of his strongest rides of the year in sand getting on the podium in both Argentina and Latvia. The Russian is no stranger to Lommel and understands the track well.

Lommel is famous for being one of the most challenging tracks on the MXGP circuit. Located on the north-eastern border of Belgium and is a one-of-a-kind  deep sand track. It is heavily rutted and this grows deeper throughout each race, With the deep holes that will emerge, it’s one of the sternest challenges of rider and machine.
The MXGP qualifying race starts at 17h10 on Saturday 5th August.
Tim Gajser  243
The goal from Loket until now has been to train hard. You can see every weekend I am getting better and better and getting into better shape. I was happy to be back on the podium in Czech. Lommel is a completely different track but I am going to go there a week before to do some training and get a good setting for the bike. I am hoping that I get an even better result then I did in Loket.

It has been a really strange season, we have actually had quite a few weekends off which in the past hasn’t happened as they are usually all in a row so, without any break for a while it will be good, I look forward to the future.

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Evgeny Bobryshev  777

Lommel is a tough track. It is a tough race but I like it as it is a condition race where you have to think about how you ride the track. You have to be smart and make a good plan there. There are so many lines in Lommel too which make it interesting as you never end up taking the same one. I have changed my structure over the last two weeks to get fitter and more confidence. I need to get back my pace again as it has been a frustrating few races.

Roger Harvey
HRC General Manager – MXGP

Lommel is well known for being a difficult track but both Tim and Bobby are capable of doing well here. Bobby has had some good results this year in sand and is able to adapt to its difficult conditions with ease as we have seen in the past. Obviously with Tim getting back on the podium in Czech, we hope that he can continue this into Lommel now that his fitness is more of less back to normal.

Words and pic: Honda