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French Championship RD4: Results

French Championship RD4: Results
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In MX2, it was Nicolas Dercourt and Florent Richier that grabbed both of the moto wins. Arnaud Aubin had an impressive day going second in both moto’s.

Moto One:

  1. Nicolas Dercourt
  2. Arnaud Aubin
  3. Florent Richier
  4. Mathys Boisrame
  5. Robin Kappel
  6. Anthony Bourdon
  7. Natanael Bres
  8. Henri Giraud
  9. Yannis Irsuti
  10. Jimmy Clochet

Moto Two:

  1. Florent Richier
  2. Arnaud Aubin
  3. Robin Kappel
  4. Mathys Boisrame
  5. Natanael Bres
  6. Anthony Bourbon
  7. Maxime Renaux
  8. Nicolas Barcelo
  9. Thomas Do
  10. Jimmy Clouchet

Gregory Aranda clinched the win in the MX1 class going 2-1. Xavier Boog just missed out on the overall as Gregory had the better second moto. Valentin Teillet rounded off the podium ending up third in the moto’s.

Moto One:

  1. Xavier Boog
  2. Gregory Aranda
  3. Valentin Teillet
  4. Sebastien Pourcel
  5. Jason Clermont
  6. Boris Maillard
  7. Loic Rombaut
  8. Nicolas Aubin
  9. Hugo Roussaly
  10. Kevin Ballanger

Moto Two: 

  1. Gregory Aranda
  2. Xavier Boog
  3. Valentin Teillet
  4. Nicolas Aubin
  5. Sebastien Pourcel
  6. Loic Rombaut
  7. Richard Fura
  8. Jason Clermont
  9. Khounsith Vongsana
  10. Boris Maillard

Pic: Benjamin Ricard

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