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French Championship RD2: Boisrame and Guillod win!

French Championship RD2: Boisrame and Guillod win!
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Darian Sanayei has only been back on the bike for a few weeks after getting hurt racing supercross. Today marked his first race back and he won the first moto which is encouraging to see. Darian followed this up with a ninth place finish in the second moto to end up second overall. Mathys Boisrame took advantage of this and followed up a fifth place in the first moto with a moto win to snatch the overall victory.

Nicolas Dercourt ended up third overall but has the red plate going into the third round of the series.

Valentin Guillod made a wildcard appearance at the second round of the french championship and took the overall win going 2-1. Gregory Aranda again impressed during the second round to finish second overall and keeps hold the red plate.

MX2 Moto One:

  1. Darian Sanayei
  2. Sulivan Jaulin
  3. Robin Kappel
  4. Nicolas Dercourt
  5. Mathys Boisrame
  6. Maxime Renaux
  7. Arnaud Aubin
  8. Thomas Do
  9. Clement Duberos
  10. Florent Richier

MX2 Moto Two:

  1. Mathys Boisrame
  2. Nataneal Bres
  3. Anthony Boudon
  4. Thomas Do
  5. Maxime Renaux
  6. Nicolas Dercourt
  7. Yannis Irsuti
  8. Germain Jamet
  9. Darian Sanayei
  10. Florent Richier

MX1 Moto one:

  1. Gregory Aranda
  2. Valentin Guillod
  3. Sebastien Pourcel
  4. Xavier Boog
  5. Milko Potisek
  6. Valentin Teillet
  7. Loic Rombaut
  8. Nicolas Aubin
  9. Richard Fura
  10. Khounsith Vongsana

MX1 Moto two:

  1. Valentin Guillod
  2. Valentin Teillet
  3. Gregory Aranda
  4. Xavier Boog
  5. Richard Fura
  6. Loic Rombaut
  7. Sebastien Pourcel
  8. Nicolas Aubin
  9. Khounsith Vongsana
  10. Boris Maillard

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