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Forkner: I can beat Herlings at US GPs!

Forkner: I can beat Herlings at US GPs!
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It seems America is out to beat Jeffrey Herlings over the next two weeks at the US GPs!

17 year-old rookie Austin Forkner has sensationally predicted he can beat Jeffrey Herlings this week in Charlotte!

The confident teenager, who won his first ever AMA National last weekend, pulled no punches when he was asked about the prospect of racing Herlings, who many believe is the fastest rider on the planet when fully fit.

Speaking to Racer X Forkner said: “I want to beat him. Some of the guys at Robbie’s (Robbie Reynard)are like, so you’re going to be racing the GP guys. They’re like, dude, Herlings has got some raw speed. I think I can beat him. I want to try to beat him. We’ll see. I’m sure he doesn’t want to get beat by us as bad as we don’t want to get beat by him. We’ll see.”

2016 US 250 national champ, Cooper Webb, has also expressed his desire to beat Herlings, but also admitted he has a lot of respect for Herlings and MXGP, no doubt helped by the fact Gareth Swanepole, a former GP rider, is his trainer.

Webb said to Racer X: “I’m looking forward to it. He’s obviously a really fast rider. I’m interested to see how things go. I watched the European stuff quite a bit and I know he’s definitely the real deal. Coming off injury is hard but at the same time he’s going to be fast. So, we’ll see. It will be interesting. I have a lot of respect for him, and from what I’ve heard I think he kind of respects me. So I’m sure we’re going to do some more banging and kind of have a little bit of that attitude. So I’m sure it’s going to come down to some interesting stuff.”

So it looks like Herlings has his hands full with the Americans openly gunning for him, and he also has clinching the championship on his mind in only his second race back from injury! Either way there should be some awesome racing in MX2!

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