A dramatic start to the sixth and final round of the FIM Women’s Motocross World Championship saw MXFonta Yamaha Official WMX’s Kiara Fontanesi take her second race win of the season out on the rain battered circuit of Villars-sous-Ecot. The skies opened up at the start of Race 1, saturating the steep clay hills and making them almost impossible to ride.¬† Fallen riders covered the circuit as Yamaha’s three title contenders Kiara Fontanesi, Courtney Duncan and Nancy van de Ven did their best to keep their YZ250F machines on two wheels.

Duncan and van de Ven were the early race leaders before both riders fell foul to the condition of the track. The duo made a strong comeback; Duncan in particular as she took the lead on lap six and charged away to the tune of 22 seconds.

Luck is usually a factor in treacherous conditions and on this occasion it dashed the title hopes of both Duncan and van de Ven. In the opening race, Duncan got cross-rutted on a daunting down-hill while battling for the lead. With the clay being extremely slippery she lost the front and fell. The New Zealander made a strong recovery where she eventually took the lead and pulled a 22 second lead on Fontanesi before reaching a section of the track that was completely blocked by fallen riders. The ‘Kiwi Girl’ did her best to swerve the chaos but was forced off the track and off-balance. She crashed on an incredibly slick hillside where despite her best efforts she struggled to pick up her bike. Once she finally got going again, she crossed the line in sixth place.

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Van de Ven recovered from a small crash to finish in second place, 26 seconds adrift of the race winner Fontanesi, who claimed her second race win of the season.

After more overnight rain, some of the steepest sections of the track had been taken out although the majority of the circuit still remained a quagmire. After the devastation of Race 1, Duncan had a point to prove. She fronted the field right from gate drop and led every lap to win by a whopping 45 seconds.

Nancy van de Ven was sitting in a comfortable third place – with the world title in hand – for all but two laps. The young Dutch lady’s dreams of winning the FIM WMX World Championship were shattered when she fell and got stuck in a sticky mud hole.

With van de Ven desperately trying to escape the muddy mess she was in, Fontanesi inherited third place which catapulted her from fourth place in the WMX Championship Standings to first place where she managed to complete the final lap in third place. She posted a 1-3 result to win the Grand Prix of Pays de Montb√®liard and her fifth FIM Women’s Motocross World Title by the narrowest of margins, a single point. Courtney Duncan’s 6-1 result landed her on the third step of the podium, which was also her place in the 2017 WMX World Championship Standings despite winning the most amount of races this season. Van de Ven was the third Yamaha inside the top-four.

The tightly contested 2017 FIM WMX World Championship will go down in history as one of the best, particularly for Yamaha with the brand going unbeaten in the manufacturer standings, to be crowned manufacturer of the year for the third consecutive time. In addition, Fontanesi’s incredible achievements have earned her a place in the history books as the most successful female motocross rider ever.