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Five of the biggest talents to keep an eye on!

Five of the biggest talents to keep an eye on!
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The aim of this article is to try to predict the future and name five of the biggest talents that don’t currently race the World Championships but who we think have the biggest talent to make a good impression when they step up to race the world series within the next couple of years.

This year Thomas Kjer Olsen, Hunter Lawrence and Jorge Prado have all showed good speed in the MX2 World Championship, who are the next guys in the pipeline to make a name for themselves when they break into the class?

We take a look here but if you don’t agree don’t be too hard on us, it’s not easy picking just five names with the amount of talent coming up through the ranks!

1. Jago Geerts: Coming in at number one and therefore who we think the hottest prospect in the paddock is young Belgian Jago Geerts. Geerts is competing his rookie year in the competitive EMX250 championship and sits fourth in the series which is impressive as a rookie.

Jorge Prado gets a lot of hype and rightly so but Geerts in terms of talent I would say is on power with Prado. It’s thought that Geerts will move up to the MX2 World Championship in 2018 so we will see them both competing against each other once again. Geerts during his rookie year in the EMX250 series has been making a lot of mistakes, he needs to cut them out but with another strong winter behind him I have him down to become a top ten rider in the MX2 World Championship next year.

2. Mikkel Haarup: The talented Danish kid is competing in his second year in the EMX125 class on an ICE ONE Husqvarna. He finished seventh during his rookie year in the series but has stepped it up this year. Haarup currently sits second in the championship, he dominated round one at Valkenswaard but then picked up an injury which hindered him.

Pic: Nigel McKinstry

Haarup is currently in impressive form and back to his best as he has won three out of the last four moto’s. I see Haarup following in Geerts footsteps and moving up to the EMX250 class next year where he will be a rookie. It could be a few years yet before he makes the step to the MX2 World Championship but I have no doubt he will get their eventually, remember this kids name.

3. Brian Moreau: The BUD Kawasaki rider currently leads the EMX125 championship with an eighteen points advantage and three rounds remaining. The French kid excels in hard pack but can ride the sand better than most French kids his age which shows he has plenty of potential.

Pic: Youthstream

Moreau reminds me a bit of Dylan Ferrandis, he’s French and he’s with BUD Kawasaki who Dylan used to race for as well. I expect Moreau to move up to the EMX250 class next year but there’s no doubt the kid has a bright future. He is probably the most talented French rider coming up through the ranks. Will he live up to the hype? Time will tell but I certainly expect him to be at least a solid GP rider when he makes the move to the World Championship in the future.

4. Roan van de Moosdijk: The Dutch kid was preparing for his rookie year in the EMX250 class but unfortunately broke his ankle before round one which meant he missed the start of the season. He made his return and his EMX250 championship debut at Ottobiano where he was fast. He ended up fifth and eighth in the moto’s to end up sixth overall on his EMX250 debut – impressive!

Pic: Yamaha Racing

Portugal didn’t go as well for him after bad starts. Roan is one rider that definitely seems to suit the 250cc more than the 125cc. He will look to finish this season off strong with two rounds remaining of the EMX250 series. With a strong winter behind him who knows what he could do in 2018 but I won’t be surprised if he’s a front runner in the class. We could see him make the step to the MX2 World Championship in 2019 if everything goes to plan.

5. Rene Hofer: I’ve been on this kids bandwagon for a while now! Last year I predicted that he would win the European and World 85cc titles and he didn’t let me down! This year is his rookie year in the EMX125 series and I’ve been telling people to look out for the Austrian.

Pic: Youthstream

Starts have been a problem as he is usually always buried outside the top then but he always charges through the pack. He sits an impressive fifth in championship and is unsurprisingly the best placed rookie. If he fixes his starts then a podium isn’t out of the question. It might be a while before we see Hofer competing in the MX2 World Championship but he definitely has a bright future. With the top four likely to move up to the EMX250 class in 2018, Hofer could go in as the title favourite!

So, there we go, we had a stab at naming the top five talents in the paddock. We left out the likes of Facchetti, Horgmo, Lesiardo, Sihvonen and many more young guns that have a lot of potential.

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