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Ferrandis is on the verge of sweeping both AMA 250 titles but admits feeling the pressure!

Ferrandis is on the verge of sweeping both AMA 250 titles but admits feeling the pressure!
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Dylan Ferrandis is one day away from completing a dream season of winning both AMA 250 titles in 2020!

The Frenchman has easily been the fastest in the class this season but as we have seen with JMB, Marvin Musquin and Christophe Pourcel before him in that class, bad things seem to happen to the French when they are on the verge of the title, even when they are the best on the track.

Ferrandis goes into Pala with 18 points on his title rival, Jeremy Martin and says, honestly, that he is already feeling the pressure, in comments that will surely only fuel the motivation for Jeremy Martin! “In Thunder Valley I kind of already feel the pressure of the championship, in the morning I wasn’t feeling good. It felt the same as Salt Lake city. When you have so much on the line and you are close to getting your dream championship, it’s never easy.”

“At Pala, mistakes are easy to make, we will see how I feel but for sure the goal is always the same to get out front and win the moto. I think if i manage to make a good day and clinch this championship, that’s all that matters for me, I will do everything for that. My goal is to win the championship not to win every moto.”

Pic: Align media

Ferrandis also says he is excited to move to the 450 class but also said it’s a bit scary: “It’s getting exciting, I have been on the 250 for a long time now. I had to build my career, move to the US and show what I can do, now I will build my 450 career, so I am really exited. I really want to finish the 250 deal on a high not and clinch the championship.

“I am also a little bit scared, next year will be a such a big move, I know all of the competition and its going to be really, really hard but riding in the premier class is the goal of every rider.”

Article: Jonathan McCready

Image: Align media

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