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Everts on Herlings: I don’t think he’ll have a long career

Everts on Herlings: I don’t think he’ll have a long career
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As of right now, Stefan Everts is the most successful Motocross rider the world has ever seen as he has ten world titles to his name as well as 101 Grand Prix victories. The Belgian had a wonderful career but knows that his records are there to be broken.  It’s always worth pointing out there’s more GP’s a season now than what there’s been in the past.

“It will be a shame if they are broken, but that’s what they are there for. I fear that it will happen, the most GP victories will come sooner or later”, Everts told Tim Gerth ( at the Dutch GP.

Everts also has some interesting thoughts on Herlings who currently has four World titles to his name, the Belgian acknowledges that right now he’s the best rider in MXGP but doesn’t think Herlings will have a long career due to how hard he works. The pair know each other well of course as Everts was once his team manager at Factory KTM.

The ten times World Champ is also interested to see if Herlings can be as good if he keeps his new mindset and therefore does not push as hard to win. In the past Herlings obsession to win has caused too many injuries and this year he is trying a new approach – consistency.

“I don’t think he’s going to have a long career. I think we can only say at the end of the season whether he succeeded (new mentality). He has a certain way of thinking, that changing will not be so simple. I wonder if he can be as good if he rides differently. Mentally dealing with it is difficult. But we should talk about that at the end of the year”, Everts stated.

Before focusing on his son, Liam, Stefan did manage the MXGP Factory Suzuki team but things didn’t turn out the way he’d have liked and as a result has decided not to work with anymore riders in the future with the exception of Liam.

“That is the priority for me (Liam). After the Suzuki story, I also said that I will no longer work with other riders. Then the motocross world will be rid of Stefan Everts”, concluded Everts.

As always some very interesting thoughts from the ten times world champ, it’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for Herlings who’s currently 25 years old, can he have a career into his 30’s like Everts and Cairoli? Time will certainly tell on that one.


Pic: Ray Archer

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