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EMX65 & EMX85: Results from Finland & Slovenia

EMX65 & EMX85: Results from Finland & Slovenia
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During the weekend the EMX65 & EMX85 championships continued. The NW Zone had A round in Finland whilst Slovenia held the SW Zone round.

This was the last rounds of the series before Loket where the European 65 and 85 champions will be decided. The kids will be in action with the best motocross riders in the world that weekend as it runs with the GP.

Let’s start with Finland. In the EMX65 class Liam Everts and Ivano van Erp didn’t travel to race as they already had enough points to secure their spot in Loket. This left the door open for other riders to grab the win, Adam Maj from Czech Republic and Mads Fredsoe from Denmark grabbed the moto wins.

EMX65 Moto One:

  1. Adam Maj
  2. Tomas Pikart
  3. Bradley Mesters
  4. Max Werner
  5. Saku Mansikkamaki

EMX65 Moto Two:

  1. Mads Fredsoe
  2. Max Werner
  3. Kasimir Hindersson
  4. Jimi Laitinen
  5. Tomas Pikart

In the EMX85 class it was Emil Jonrup who dominated the event and went 1-1, the Swedish kid is one of the favourites to take the EMX85 title at Loket. British rider Lewis Hall finished the moto’s in tenth and fourth.

EMX85 Moto One:

  1. Emil Jonrup
  2. Liam Hanstrom
  3. Casper Olsen
  4. Kay de Wolf
  5. Eric Tomas

EMX85 Moto Two:

  1. Emil Jonrup
  2. Matias Vesterinen
  3. Casper Olsen
  4. Lewis Hall
  5. Magnus Smith


In Slovenia it was Spanish rider, Pablo Gutierrez who won the EMX65 class going 1-2 in the moto’s. Zakhar Osmolovskiy from Russia was able to win the second moto.

EMX65 Moto One:

  1. Pablo Gutierrez
  2. Valerio Lata
  3. Matteo Russi
  4. Daniela Guillen
  5. Victor Puig

EMX65 Moto Two:

  1. Zakhar Osmolovskiy
  2. Pablo Gutierrez
  3. Daniela Guillen
  4. Valerio Lata
  5. Alejandro Perez

In the EMX85 it was the very talented Austrian, Rene Hofer who grabbed the win in both the moto’s Eddie Wade. It was a very promising day for the Brit finishing second in both the moto’s.

EMX85 Moto One:

  1. Rene Hofer
  2. Eddie Wade
  3. Maks Mausser
  4. Kevin Cristino
  5. Thibault Benistant

EMX85 Moto Two:

  1. Rene Hofer
  2. Eddie Wade
  3. Kevin Cristino
  4. Maks Mausser
  5. Oriol Oliver

Article: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Martin Plesnik

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