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EBB: Pissed is an understatement right now!

EBB: Pissed is an understatement right now!
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Elliott Banks-Browne has had his season thrown into disarray in the first lap of the first race of his season after getting collected in another rider’s crash and injurying his elbow. Things had been looking good until then with the Geartec Husqvarna man going quickest in qualifying at Sherwood.

According to the he team, X-Rays have revealed a crack in the elbow but there is no timeframe for a return this early into the injury.

EBB was understandably disappointed, saying in the team’s press release: “Everything started well in qualifying getting the fastest time. In the first race, I didn’t make the best start, but I managed to come round the corner into 4th and then into third instantly. I moved into second and was minding my own business on the inside, and the next thing I know I heard a big panic rev behind me and Brad Todd cartwheeled over his bike and into me. I tried to avoid it, but I couldn’t get out of the way. I wasn’t expecting it, so I couldn’t brace myself for it. I went down so quick and hard and landed on my arm funny.

“I got back up, and my arm was sore, but I did a lap but had to pull in. I had a scan and x-ray on it last night. It’s not ideal. I have got to go and see a specialist about it later in the week. Hopefully, it’s not as bad as we first thought, and we can then put a timeframe on it.

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“It’s such a bummer. It’s the first race of the year, and I was feeling the best I have ever felt. It’s such a shame, not just for me, but the whole team who have put in so much work, and we have such a good bike, it just feels so comfortable. That’s motocross I guess, and it is what happens.”

Banks-Browne then took to Instagram to reveal just how frustrated he was at all the work he had put in during the winter being taken away by a crash that wasn’t directly his fault.

“To put in so much work all winter long and be on a bike that was just unbelievable, feeling the best I ever have on a 450 and to have it all taken away by something on lap 1 of race 1 sucks.”

See his full post below, and a video of the crash, by clicking on the arrow beside the photo:

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