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EBB Injury Update!

EBB Injury Update!
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An update on EBB’s injury update!
I just wanted to give you all a quick update on my progress so far.Its now been 5 weeks since i suffered a broken Tibia and Fibula to my left leg and a Fibula nail was inserted. The injury at the start was very tough to deal with but i have never let it get me down and have been fighting hard to be back on my bike as soon as possible.

I am now able to get about and can fully weight bare and walk with no aid of crutches after just 5 weeks,
With the help of Red Bull i have been working very closely with Harris and Ross Physiotherapy clinic in Wilmslow to get back the full movement movement in my leg and the muscles working again,  We have been able to get in the pool and swim cycle on a spin bike and actually last week i was able to start doing light leg weights.
Physio has been brutal and an experience at times i have not enjoyed but the benefits after are incredible so i will continue to work hard to get back on a bike in the shortest time possible

Harris and Ross keep in close contact with my Physio in Bury St Edmunds  ‘Bury Physio’ to insure when i am not in Wilmslow that treatment down here is the same as i receive there and without the help of Bury Physio i would not be as far forward in my recovery as i am at this moment in time.

Going forward i am just going to see how it goes week by week i have an X-Ray next week to see how the bones are healing and after that we should have a better understanding on how much longer it will be until i can get back to training fully.

My goal is to be back racing by Blaxhall Pits which is round 5 of the Maxis British Championship on the 28th of June this seems like a long way away as i am already walking on my leg and in the gym but i still have a long journey ahead of me to get to 100% and i do not want to return to the track until i am fully fit and ready to race at the front.

Thank you for all you support whilst i have been hurt and staying behind me through my good and bad times, I will be back faster, fitter and stronger when i return and ready to battle out front.

My new web site will be launched next week but can now be viewed at

Words: EBB

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