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EBB back on the bike!

EBB back on the bike!
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3 months and 10 days after badly breaking his leg at round 6 of the Arenacross championship in Glasgow and EBB is back on his bike and preparing to race again.
“Months of pain staking physiotherapy, training  and sleepless nights has all been worth it for that feeling i got when i threw my leg back over my RMZ 450 for the first time, Its been a long hard road and one i hope i never have to go through again, Months of rehabilitation exercises to get my leg back strong and hundreds of miles on my bicycle has been tough especially whist everyone else has been racing whilst I’ve had to watch its sucked pretty bad but i can safely say that i have done everything possible to get back on my bike as fast as possible”
EBB sat down with his physiotherapists and surgeon after the injury and was told that if he was back on a bike within 15 weeks that would be pretty incredible  and was actually able to get riding after just over 13.

” I think that it just shows the hard work that everyone has put in for me be being able to get back riding ahead of schedule there is no way i would be back on the bike so early without the help of my trainer Adam Prescott, Bury Physio or Harris and Ross they have all played a significant part in my rehab and I’m grateful to all of them”

Being able to get back riding early means it gives EBB more time to prepare for his first race back which is still scheduled to be Blaxhall pits on the 28th of June and being his home race gives him that extra bit of motivation to be 100%.

” Even though we are ahead of schedule we are still sticking to the original plan of Blaxhall next month it gives me a good amount of time to get bike fit and get my speed up to where it needs to be so i can come back to racing where i left off and hopefully battle up front and to do that in front of my home crown will be great.”

PIX-L media have been working with Elliott to follow his recovery from start to finish and get an insight to what it takes to overcome an injury such as his and the struggles you have to overcome to get back to the top, Part one is due to be released at the end of the month but in the meantime here is the trailer for  #RESURGENCE

Thank you for all the support you have shown whilst I’ve been injured and i hope when i return to racing we can have a lot off success.

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