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Dutch Masters of Motocross: Calendar changes

Dutch Masters of Motocross: Calendar changes
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There’s a new date for Dutch Masters of Motocross in Axel! The race is rescheduled to Sunday, May 5th 2019.

The cancellation of the race in Axel last weekend, due to extreme weather conditions, was a huge disappointment for everyone involved. Especially for RES Axel and its volunteers, after months of preparations for an amazing event. Cancelling the race was hard, but the only right decision.

“The heart-warming messages from drivers, (GP) teams, sponsors, volunteers and fans, among others, did us incredibly well”, says the board of RES Axel. “So much positivity gives us more than enough energy to fully go for it once more. So that’s what we’ll do!”

Show your appreciation for their hard work by coming to Axel on the 5th of May!

Qualifications in Oss

The new date for Axel means that Dutch Masters of Motocross 2019 is now starting in Oss. That race has now become a two-day event with qualifications on Saturday, April 13th. The forty (250cc and 500cc) or fifty (85cc and 125cc) fastest riders will qualify for the races on Sunday, April 14th. Riders competing in the World Championship are already assured of a place behind the gate.

Calendar DMoMX 2019:
April 13th and 14th, Oss (qualifications on Saturday)
May 5, Axel
May 30, Rhenen
July 19-21, Lichtenvoorde, Finals at Zwarte Cross

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Changes on KNMV Motocross calendar

Because of Dutch Masters in Axel on May 5th, other races on the KNMV Motocross calendar must be moved.

There was direct consultation with the organizers who were scheduled for a competition on the 5th of May. We are very grateful to the people in Borculo and Boekel for their willingness to find a suitable solution!

Boekel returns on the calendar with two competition days on 29 and 30 June 2019. This is the weekend of the TT in Assen. Given the situation, we agree that this is not an obstacle for an MX-event the same weekend in Boekel:

– 29-06-2019: ONK65 KW, ONK65 GW / ONK85 KW, CUP125, CUP250, CUP500
– 30-06-2019: ONK85 GW, ONK125, ONK250, ONK500

The competition in Borculo will be moved to Sunday, July 14th. The CUP125 class is canceled because of their race in Hummelo. The program in Borculo:

– 14-07-2019: NK50, ONK65 KW, ONK65 GW / ONK85 KW, ONK85 GW

The full calendar (version 21-03-2019) can be found here.

Words: KNMV

Pic: Shot by Bavo

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