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Dutch Championship RD4: Results

Dutch Championship RD4: Results
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The fourth round of the Dutch Masters Championship was held at Emmen today.

It was a good day for Jago Geerts as he went 1-1 in the moto’s and was able to clinch the overall as well as the championship, congratulations to the Belgian!

Mikkel Haarup had a strong day on his Ice One Husqvarna to end up second overall with Rick Elzinga third overall, a very good result for Rick on his Yamaha. British rider, Tayloe Hammal also had a good day and ended up fourth overall.

125cc Moto One:

  1. Jago Geerts
  2. Marcel Conijn
  3. Mikkel Haarup
  4. Rick Elzinga
  5. Taylor Hammal
  6. Christopher Mills
  7. Wyatt Chase
  8. Youri van’t Ende
  9. Loeka Thonies
  10. Rag Meuwissen

125cc Moto Two:

  1. Jago Geerts
  2. Mikkel Haarup
  3. Sander Agard Michelsen
  4. Raivo Dankers
  5. Taylor Hammal
  6. Rick Elzinga
  7. Raf Meuwissen
  8. Damian Bergevoet
  9. Federik Hojris
  10. Christopher Mills

No surprises in the MX2 class as Jeffrey Herlings dominated and went 1-1 in the moto’s. Jeffrey also clinched his first title of the year but will be hoping he can stay healthy to clinch the world title to add to the Dutch title.

Max Anstie was strong and ended up second overall ahead of Davy Pootjes who is starting to show good form towards the end of the season. Brian Bogers who had his first MX2 podium in Mantova was fourth overall today just ahead of Jorge Prado who was very strong in the first moto.

Moto One:

  1. Jeffrey Herlings
  2. Davy Pootjes
  3. Max Anstie
  4. Jorge Prado
  5. Brian Bogers
  6. Lars van Berkel
  7. Sven van der Mierden
  8. Roy van Heugten
  9. Eric Leijtens
  10. Ruben Fernandez

Moto Two:

  1. Jeffrey Herlings
  2. Max Anstie
  3. Davy Pootjes
  4. Brian Bogers
  5. Thomas Covington
  6. Lars van Berkel
  7. Jorge Prado
  8. Sven van der Mierden
  9. Karlis Sabulis
  10. Roy van Heugten

In the MX1 class Bobryshev and Coldenhoff were too good for the opposition.  They had a good battle in the first moto and Bobby won by just 0.4 seconds at the chequered flag, that’s close!

Coldenhoff got his revenge in the second moto by beating the Russian, however, Bobby was able to clinch the Dutch title. Ceriel Klein Kromhof rode strong and ended up third overall on the day.

Congratulations to Jago Geerts, Jeffrey Herlings and Evgeny Bobryshev for winning their titles!

Moto One:

  1. Evgeny Bobryshev
  2. Glenn Coldenhoff
  3. Ceriel Klein Kromhof
  4. Kevin Wouts
  5. Jens Getteman
  6. Rick Satink
  7. Micha-Boy de Waal
  8. Tom Macuks
  9. Jose Butron
  10. Dietger Damiaens

Moto Two:

  1. Glenn Coldenhoff
  2. Evgeny Bobryshev
  3. Ceriel Klein Kromhof
  4. Jens Getteman
  5. Kevin Wouts
  6. Rick Satink
  7. Jose Butron
  8. Micha-Boy de Waal
  9. Jeffrey Dewulf
  10. Dietger Damiaens

Pic: Martin Plesnik


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