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Dutch Champions crowned!

Dutch Champions crowned!
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It was a good day for Beursfoon KTM as young Dutch talent, Rick Elzinga won the 85cc Dutch title! It wasn’t the best day for Rick as he went 2-2 but has often won both the moto’s during the season but he was solid today and it was enough to be crowned champion.

Moto 1                                                                                  Moto 2

  1. Raivo Dankers                                                              1. Raivo Dankers
  2. Rick Elzinga                                                                  2. Rick Elzinga
  3. Loeka Thonies                                                              3. Loeka Thonies
  4. Max Schwarte                                                              4. Max Schwarte
  5. Jeroen Bussink                                                             5. Jeroen Bussink

British fans had something to cheer for as Conrad Mewse sealed the ONK 125cc championship. Conrad was comfortable in second position in the first moto but unfortunately crashed which meant he ended up in fourth – he also suffered clutch problems in both the motos. However, the second moto was better as he finished up his last ever race on a 125cc in second position. The ever impressive Jago Geerts was too strong for his competitors today as he went 1-1 for the overall win.

Moto 1                                                                               Moto 2

  1. Jago Geerts                                                               1. Jago Geerts
  2. Noud van Kraaij                                                         2. Conrad Mewse
  3. Cyril Genot                                                                3. Noud van Kraaij
  4. Conrad Mewse                                                           4. Cyril Genot
  5. Nick Horsten                                                              5. Nick Horsten

Damon Graulus rounded off a good season by clinching the Dutch ONK MX2 championship. Damon had a solid day as he managed to go 3-2 for second overall but didn’t have enough for Harri Kullas who had an impressive day by taking 1-1. One rider who seems to been quickly improving is Micha-boy de Waal who finished both the moto’s in fifth!

Moto 1                                                                                  Moto 2

  1. Harri Kullas                                                                 1. Harri Kullas
  2. Lars van Berkel                                                           2. Damon Graulus
  3. Damon Graulus                                                           3. Lars van Berkel
  4. Calvin Vlaanderen                                                        4. Freek van der Vlist
  5. Micha-boy de Waal                                                      5. Micha-boy de Waal

Heading into the last round it was between William Saris and Ceriel Klein Kromhof to clinch the title. William Saris had the perfect first moto by winning it and seemed to handing the pressure better and ended up as the series champ.

Moto 1                                                                                       Moto 2

  1. William Saris                                                               1. Jeffrey de Wulf
  2. Michel Hool                                                                 2. Rick Satink
  3. Ceriel Klein Kromhof                                                    3. Nick Triest
  4. Rick Satink                                                                 4. William Saris
  5. Jeffrey de Wulf                                                            5. Mike van der Streaten

Article: Andy McKinstry

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