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Dungey says no to MXGP – because the level isn’t high enough!

Dungey says no to MXGP – because the level isn’t high enough!
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Ryan Dungey has sensationally claimed he would never race MXGP because the competition is tougher in America!

Despite not winning a single moto at the last three Motocross of Nations, and seeing his arch rival Ryan Villopoto be the fourth best guy in his brief MXGP attempt, Dungey has come to bizarre conclusion that the level the world championship is inferior to America.

Speaking to Racer X, Dungey said: “I think over here in America the competition is higher, tougher. So I won’t ever probably do that (MXGP) in my lifetime.”

Dungey also said he didn’t like the look of the hard-pack GP tracks, showing yet again just how one dimensional the US series and riders are outdoors. Apparently if it’s not loamy it isn’t a proper track! It is an ironic statement considering Dungey is probably America’s best hard pack rider with his smooth style.

What Dungey has failed to realise, is that to be the best motocross rider in the world you have to prove it by racing different types of tracks in different countries, versatility is key. Winning in your own country on the same style of track every week against a couple of foreign riders doesn’t cut it. It’s why Zach Osborne admitted the world championship is the most prestigious outdoor series in the world due to it’s diversity.

It is a fascinating insight into the mentality of the majority of US riders who has grown up in a bubble believing the lie of US superiority from the American media. Dungey admitted at his first Nations in 2009 that the only non-American riders he had heard of was those that raced in the USA. The lack of coverage of the world championship in America and the lack of respect for it being the world championship is still hurting the series in the USA.

Further evidence of the disparity between American perception and reality of the standard of the World championship was when Alex Martin, after the Des Nations in 2013, said he was surprised at the speed of the riders, but by the Nations of 2014, Martin was again surprised by the speed! But he still didn’t believe the riders were really that quick and said he thought the GP riders raise their speed by two seconds a lap at the Nations compared to their normal speed!

The fact the US media didn’t want Ryan Villopoto to race MXGP in case he didn’t win, and then came up with a load of excuses for him when he didn’t win further proves just how difficult it is for America to accept the level of the World championship riders is just as good as the top Americans, especially on a level playing field.

But for as long as the US national pride remains more important than the truth in the USA aligned with a bias media, the world championship will always struggle for respect and riders will continue to grow up naively  believing the World championship is a step down from AMA racing.

The reality of course is different but why spoil a good American story with the truth? It’s America v the world!

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