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Dungey: Reed has no respect for us!

Dungey: Reed has no respect for us!
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Chad Reed wasn’t making it easy for Ryan Dungey on Saturday night, pushing the defending champ hard in the heat race (above). Dungey who eventually won said he didn’t understand why Reed had it in for him and that it wasn’t very mature.

It got worse in the main event with Reed not getting out of the way when Dungey came round to lap him and cost Dungey about three seconds ruining his chances of the win.

Dungey, who gestered at Reed after the main event gave a more restrained view in the press conference: “It’s not ideal. I think everyone saw it, Eli gets by quick and easy. if you’re a lapper you have to move over. I don’t know why he has to get involved. If he was on the same lap I think we would understand, I think we all would.”

Dungey went on to say he didn’t understand why Reed was targeting him: ” I don’t know what I did wrong, I have a lot of respect for Chad I don’t know where this attitude is coming from. The heat race we were side by side going into the whoops on the very first lap and he sees me and tries to come over and take my front wheel out. Then I tried to make a pass on him and he tries to blow you off the track, it’s just like, it’s kind of a bummer. That guy has been in it that long with that much experience and you would think he would understand what it’s like to be in the position I am in. He has no respect for us and what we are trying to do. Tonight was a low blow.”

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It will be interesting to see if this feud continues next week from Reed’s side ( he was apparently not happy with Dungey’s part in the first turn pile-up in Detroit or Dungey’s comments after the St Louis heat race). Dungey certainly does not needing any more distractions as he battles Tomac in a high pressure title race.

*breaking* Chad Reed has been penalised for his actions on Saturday night. Details here.

Watch Reed hold Dungey up below:

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