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Dungey and Musquin talk about Roczen’s crash

Dungey and Musquin talk about Roczen’s crash
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Two of the nicest guys in the sport gave their empathetic thoughts on Ken Roczen’s unfortunate crash at Anaheim.

Despite being rivals, both Ryan Dungey and Marvin Musqin were sad to see what happened to the Honda rider and both agree that Roczen’s colourful character is good and needed for the sport.

Dungey, who now has the red plate, said: “You hate to see stuff like that happen. You don’t wish that upon anybody. We need him (Roczen) we need a guy like that. It’s unfortunate, let’s hope he is ok.”

Musquin, who has raced Ken Roczen since Ken made his debut in MXGP as a 15 year old admitted he was affected by the crash: “I knew what happened, I got a bad kicker there for two laps in a row and I switched my line to a different rhythm to avoid that specific take-off.” explained Musquin.

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“We were rolling the section and going by Kenny for a couple of laps, it’s hard to see him laying down and not moving. it gets in your head and the rest of the lap you think about it. I was looking over the finish line to see if he was getting up. It’s tough to see when anyone goes down. Sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we get lucky and don’t crash but sometimes we do crash. I hope Kenny is ok, we need a guy like that, it is good for the sport.”

It leaves Dungey and Musquin, who are not only teammates but training partners now both going for the title and separated by just seven points. It will make for some interesting weeks down at Aldon Baker’s training facility.

But the most charismatic rider in the field will be missing, and as both riders said, that is a blow for the sport of supercross, from the organisers and riders to the fans.

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