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Denmark select MXDN team!

Denmark select MXDN team!
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Emil Larsen who is the MXON Team manager for Denmark has picked the riders that are going to compete for red and white pride at Matterly Basin in England. And the Danish Team might be making a first as there are two sets of brothers on the Team.

The three riders for the Danish Team are Thomas Kjer Olsen, Stefan Kjer Olsen and Nikolaj Larsen. That means that it is a brother and brother Team there will be lining up for Denmark as Thomas Kjer Olsen and Stefan Kjer Olsen are brothers and the same goes for Team manager Emil Larsen and he’s younger brother Nikolaj Larsen.

All three riders have delivered some really good results so far this year. Thomas Kjer Olsen is currently 3rd in the MX2 World Championship. Stefan Kjer Olsen is leading the Danish MX1 Championship (followed by Nikolaj Larsen in second) and Nikolaj Larsen is leading the Swedish MX1 Championship.

– All three riders have done what they had to do to place themselves on the Team. On top on that they all have a lot of international experience, so I really believe that we can make a better result than last year’s 14th place, says Emil Larsen.

Pic: Niek Kamper

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